The Six Shot Revival

Band Members of Six Shot Revival Jon Brown (Guitar/Vocals) Marc Phillips (Vocals) Brandon Purinton (Drums) Steve Morrison (Bass/Vocals)

Before Six Shot Revival

I was asked by a friend to the Bright Eyes concert at Tabernacle here in Atlanta, and since I have long been a fan of Conor Oberst, I quickly agreed to go. Now I haven’t been to a live show by Bright Eyes, so I was expecting the best. What I got was the worst. He sounded great, the rest of the band not so good. To top it off, I ordered a shot of Jack from the bar and got this teeny tiny shot of, ahem, not Jack. Thanks Tabernacle for thinking a Jack drinker wouldn’t know the difference.

During Six Shot Revival

I first heard of Six Shot Revival as I was pulled onto helping with the Georgia Music Awards, and Bob Burns was brought on as a presenter. It turns out that Bob really loves this band and is putting himself behind them. If you don’t know who Bob is, then your Southern really got turned upside down somehow. Bob is the drummer for Southern act Lynyrd Skynyrd, a band well considered some of the forefathers of Southern Rock. My friend and I made our way early from the Bright Eyes show, and headed to 529 in East Atlanta for the Six Shot Revival show, and were quickly ushered in by the guys, and welcomed with open arms. I was amazed at how friendly everyone was. The managers, the band, the girls, everyone were just amazing. I thought to myself “Now here is Southern charm at it’s best, let’s see if they have that Southern rock at it’s best!”.

Six Shot Revival's Marc Phillips Rocking the fans at 529

Six Shot Revival's Marc Phillips Rocking the fans at 529

Six Shot Revival did not fail me at all, what a band! As I sat there listening and watching, I was taken back to my old friends Buck Cherry when they got their start. They are a raw, rockin, good time having band! The guys are all amazing players with killer guitar, vocals, good looks, stage presence, and a sound that is all theirs. I have to say, in that genre, I don’t think I have been to a show as fun or this good in a while. It was exciting, the music was loud, and I loved it loud for once. I don’t think the audience was let down either. It seems these guys have been building themselves a very loyal and loving fan base up.

The Six Shot Revival After Effects

I’m hooked, I am a total fan, don’t think I will be missing a show, and vow to have them on whatever I can that i throw. Did I mention they are playing our festival Do Da Jam coming up? Anyway, I have my CD, I have my T-shirt that I have been rocking. This CD is amazing, and I love every song on it. It’s titled Greatest Hits, Vol 1 and recorded at the very historic Southern Tracks Studios, which is cool being their first full CD, but hey, with their music and style, it well could be a greatest hits CD. They have an upcoming show that should be great on April 1st at SOHO in Columbus and I believe a newly posted show at The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta on April 6th with Stone Rider (another killer band they played with at 529), and Killing Floor. Make sure to put these shows on your calendars, because I don’t think it will take too long for this band to get them packing in by the thousands, so you can say you saw them when. You can find the guys on Facebook HERE.

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