(Photo Credit: Monday Night Brewing)

(Photo Credit: Monday Night Brewing)

Monday Night Brewing Company has revamped weeknights for the city of Atlanta. What better way make the work week less painful then grabbing a beer..or a few..with friends. Monday Night has made a tradition out of their Monday and Thursday nights by offering tours and tastings starting at 5:30pm. For those that can’t get away from work, they also have the tour every Saturday starting at 2:00pm. For only $10 guests receive a souvenir pint glass, six complimentary tickets that are used towards a variety of craft beer choices, and a tour of what goes on behind the scenes. Tours last anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes.

Oh and the best part? Rock a neck tie then donate it to their Wall of Ties and get $1 off of admission. Yes, a Wall of Ties.

So to celebrate their motto of “Weekends are Overrated” loosen up your white collar, shed your tie (or donate it) and turn your weeknights into a weekly tradition with Monday Night Brewery. For more information, just visit the website here.


670 Trabert Ave                                                                                                                             Atlanta, GA 30318                                                                                                                                   404.352.7703

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