Here we are, exactly one half year into my quest for a healthier life.

Please forgive me readers, it has been three weeks since my last Fat-2-Fit confession.  I have fallen into the: ‘I feel better, losing the weight was easy, and I will never go back to my bad eating habits’ false sense of confidence.  We have been busy professionally with tax-time and a new office location move. Eating properly and on time has fallen to a less than controlled diet plan.  Workouts have been non-existent and I have convinced myself that lifting furniture and dusting is plenty of ‘cardio’ for now.

I have been ‘carbo-loading’ like a triathlete without the triathlon or the workouts.  I have also fallen victim to cheese.  Brie and melted queso with crackers and chips respectfully.

I only have 26 weeks to lose almost 40 pounds.  Is it possible?  What do I need to do to lose that much weight in a short period of time?  Can I do it in a healthy way?  Will the weight loss last?  What are the odds I decide to just give up and eat ice cream all day, everyday for 26 weeks straight?

We will be working out with some of the local trainers in the next couple of months and report on how the workouts differ.  Stay Tuned.


Next week we will get some answers from the experts and hopefully post some hometown hero stories about local folks losing weight and not falling prey to the big bag of excuses that I have continued to fall back on.  It is soft and cushy…

Damon Ladd-Thomas (36 Posts)