An alarming trend has been observed. My name is Jason Moss and I am a certified and licensed radon measurement professional. I have the pleasure of meeting great people in my business and I love what I do — saving lungs and lives. I have observed a very disturbing trend in my profession.

Children are often placed in the most dangerous areas because of ignorance. Homes with basements typically have the play room for children and theater/game room for young adults. Following EPA protocol, radon monitoring is to be conducted in the lowest livable area in the home. The simple reason for this requirement is that the lowest level is where the highest concentration of the cancer causing gas called radon is found.

Radon is a colorless, tasteless, invisible gas produced as a byproduct of uranium decaying in the soil. One in four homes in Gwinnett, Barrow and Walton counties have tested with elevated radon levels. The EPA and Surgeon General recommend that EVERY home be tested for the presences of radon.

Do it your-self home test kits are available but it is advised to have a certified professional complete this test with electronic continuous monitors for the most accurate results. Your family’s health is far too important to take chances. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in America for non-smokers. Over 22,000 people in America will die this year as a result of radon exposure. If radon is found in your home it can be fixed in most cases for less than other normal household repairs. The only way to know if your child’s play room and your home is at a safe level is to have it tested.

High Levels of Radon Recently Found in Hamilton Mill, Chateau Elan and Surrounding Areas.

Over the past week, homes in Hamilton Mill and Chateau Elan professionally went through radon testing conducted by professional radon mitigation systems services and many were found to have dangerously high levels. The only way to know if your home is a healthy environment for your family is to have it professionally tested.

The EPA, Surgeon General and American Cancer Society recommend that EVERY home be tested for radon. If elevated levels are found, it is simple to fix and costs less than most other home repairs.

The EPA also recommends that you have your home tested every two years if you have a mitigation system installed.

Jason Moss, Radon Advisor – Saving Lungs and Lives

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