“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.”–Plato

“When once the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of a pen.” – Samuel Lover

“Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.”–Samuel Lover

I was looking for job “opportunities” online, and knowing what I know about conman type pyramid sales things, I still filled out this form for one of these. I guess near desperate people sometimes do near desperate things. Emails starting coming from these people en masse, and as I was sitting at my desk, one afternoon, shortly after filling out the form, a young man called me, and said that he was following up on my interest in said pyramid scheme. I lied, and told him that I had found a full time job, and was no longer interested in what he had to offer.

1) Good chess strategy suggests you make your first move with the pawn in front of either your King or Queen

I just found some chocolate that I didn’t know I had: think if you are a pothead, and you find a joint that you didn’t remember that you had. I’m writing this to myself. Most of what I write here, I write to myself. It is interesting if you find some of it interesting, but I would write it, here, or somewhere else, whether you did or not. I just had to clarify that for my own edification.

2) Good chess strategy suggests you make good developing moves, and generally develop your Knights before your Bishops

Don’t be thinking about making art, or taking pictures, or writing poems, be thinking about buying microwave ovens, and toasters, and insurance for cars with built in obsolescence built into them.

3) Good chess strategy suggests you try not to move the same piece twice in the opening

I bought a new fern, yesterday, a small one that does not look like a fern: it has leaves. I should have asked someone at the nursery the name of the fern, but I didn’t, so I will just call it, “My Fern With Leaves.” This is my second fern. The first one is a regular ole fern, that I bought as a baby. It is growing slowly. Ferns are about the only thing that I can grow on The Love Porch: no veggies possible. I wonder if I can grow basil, or other herbs, in the shade?

4) Good chess strategy suggests you make when you develop your pieces, try to make moves which threaten something

I, normally, like The Park best during the week, when, basically, the dogs, and I, have it to ourselves; but, today, I got turned onto a whole new way of looking at, and experiencing, The Park. I have always found drum circles invasive; a bunch of men invade a space, and start beating on things, not asking anyone around them if they mind. The drum circle, today, at The Park, was an exception to this thought of mine: it was a fun, and creative drum cirlce, that Morisson, and I, had a great time stopping, and watching. I am going to acquire a percussion instrument, or two, of my own, and join in, soon.

5) Good chess strategy suggests you don’t bring your Queen out early

As I left the house, dog leash in hand, robins flew from the nest that they have built at our front door. On our walk a blue jay, and two sparrows, flew from a bush that sits in a small park at the end of our street. I saw more robins, and a black bird, on the sidewalk as Dylan, and I, walked. There are flowers everywhere, both bloomed, and those pushing their beautiful small heads up through the earth. Spring has sprung; oh what fun!


This sock, this old sock, this sock that has been with me for so long, I must now let leave me. I don’t know how to darn, couldn’t put a patch on its heal; no ceremonial burial, I will just throw it in the trash.


Tricia, the wife of the drummer, Trenton Sicola, in the band that we were watching, Confunktion Junktion,(he also plays in The Eric Gant Trio), had a piece of bread pudding the size of a refrigerator put down in front of her, with a little bowl of vanilla ice cream on the side. My God, I thought, what a meal, and then she said to me, “Have some.” The nice thing about sharing a desert is that you don’t gain all the weight that you would have, if you ate it all yourself. Thank you Tricia, and thank you Danielle Strickland, for, once again, turning me onto a great night of Atlanta Music. Kate Moore, you were wonderful, and talented, as usual, girl, on that stage, with that guitar.
K Pics below are vegetarian creations created by K in the K Kitchen. Top row left to right is K’s Special Tofu n Egg Scramble, a couple of K Banana Breads, and some Lentil Based Veggie K Meatloaf. The bottom row, left to right, features Unbaked K Apple Raisin Walnut Kookies, K Veggie Stuffed Peppers, with rice, walnuts, and onions, and K’s Famous, and Fabulous, Cottage Cheese based Veggie Meatloaf, which is a super-delicious super super treat.

Diamond or 911

I slipped on a waitress
nearly lost my thing.
I stepped on a lemon seed
nearly gave her a ring.
Does her smile portray
what happiness she could bring
or is she just a woman
who learned as a girl
how to make people smile
when she begins to sing?

“I’m the luckiest man in the world to have these guys with me,” said singer-songwriter Ralph Rodenberry, motioning to the musicians who surrounded him on stage, while looking out at all the lovely people gathered to sing along with him, and dance to his music, last night, at The Moonshadow Saloon in Tucker, Ga.

Ted Norton, THE Ted Norton, so long the lead guitar player of the legendary band The Grapes, was on stage with Ralph, making what he does look so easy. It was Ted’s birthday, and though there was no cake, just shots of whiskey, everybody was in a good mood, and was mesmerized by what Mr. Norton can do with his fingers on a guitar.

Ralph has no hair, but he attracts a multitude of hippy chicks, and guys with long hair.

I shook hands with the drunkest man, who I have ever shook hands with, at the show; he kept calling me Santa Claus, and saying that he was so lucky to be meeting Santa Claus on Easter. It was Easter Eve, so the guy was partially correct.

The next time that Ralph spoke, he thanked all of us in the audience, “Without you guys, we’d all be working at Wal-Mart.”

There was nowhere that I would have rather been, last night, than sitting on that bar stool listening to those men play their instruments, and listening to Ralph sing. Ralph Rodenberry sings about peace, and love, and I think that he really means it. I stayed up way too late listening to his songs, but it was worth it.

Kung Fu Dynamite, a seven man, band from Asheveille, S.C. opened for Ralph. Paul “Fuzzel” Handsman was banging on things, and doing the singing. His energy is unmatched anywhere in rock and roll. His voice is interesting, and incredible. Kelly Hannah, is brilliant on guitar. The horn section is awesome. Kung Fu Dynamite is fantastic. Look for them back in Atlanta in about four months. Check some of their songs out here:

Peace and Love,


I Need A Rich Girl

I need a rich girl
to drive my deceased car
to the unemployment line,
so that I can get food stamps,
and avoid a job.

I need a pill that will fill me up,
not with envy.
I need a pill that will make me
feel friendly, not want to kill

I need a friend
in these united states of isolation,
where even hell’s angels are afraid
to hitchhike,

where thinking outside the norm
could land you in jail.

I need a reason to go on living,
and I think that my children will do.

We Are The Children

We are the children of the sun
and the stars.

We are the children of the hippies,
who were strung out on peace and love,
and heroin when they conceived us.

We are the children of alcoholics,
conceived in blackouts.

We are the children of the punk rockers,
screwed into this world on beer and anger.

We are the children of the poor,
raised on welfare and food stamps,
and government housing.

We are the children of the middle class,
borrowing from the government to get a college degree,
to get a job with a pension from corporate amerika,
who has already fired our fathers and mothers,
before they could retire.

We are the children of the rich,
who, like our fathers and mothers before us,
care only about obtaining more wealth.

We are the children of the doctors, dentists,
and lawyers, who care more about their Porsches
and Mercedes than they do their patients.

We are the children of the American dream,
roaming the streets with a blanket,
and a garbage bag full of aluminum cans.

We are the children, who now have the children,
and we hope they won’t learn racism from us,
like we learned it from our moms and dads.

We are the children who can change the inevitable,
alter our destiny, change the future from futile to


Someday I Will Start The Revolution

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but, this morning, I had to bring cleats,
and a baseball uniform to my son.

Someday, I will start the revolution
but, for right now, there is cereal to buy,
and Nintendo games to rent.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but my son’s sneakers are worn,
and he needs new clothes for the spring.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but my daughter needs a new dress,
and I’ve got to come up with the money
for her next guitar lesson.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but I’ve got those student loans to pay back,
and these credit cards to pay down.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but I’ve got this new apartment,
and the cable hasn’t even been put in.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but right now I am late for work.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but I need new tires for my car.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but I may want to get a Masters in poetry,
or creative writing, first.

Someday, I will start the revolution,
but this woman just walked by,
and, man she looks good.

Someday, I will start the revolution.

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