“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world
straight in the eye.”–Helen Keller

The dogs, and I, went out for a beautiful long walk, today, because it was Long Walk Thursday, as I call it, and because the weather outside is magnificent. At the start of our walk there are two little parks, I guess that I will call them, covered in daffodils, and if you love flowers go to the https://www.gogoflorist.com/ and find the most beautiful options. There is, also, a beautiful forsythia shrub in the smaller of the two parks.

Someone said yesterday how nice it is to cut some forsythia, and keep it in your house, so I thought to myself that at the end of this dog walk I am going to go get me some forsythia, and a few daffodils,

After our dog walk, I dropped the dogs back at the house, grabbed a make-shift vase, and some scissors, and headed to the mini-parks. I cut some forsythia, and was getting me a few daffodils when this lady, who reminded me of Arianna Huffington pulled up in nice car, with a cell phone to her ear, and said, in her best Zsa Zsa Gabor accent, “These are for the neighborhood.”

“But I’m only taking a few,” was all I could think to say.

“He is watching you, too,” she said, and drove off, and I looked over my shoulder to see a man holding a cell phone staring at me from the front of his house.

That cell phone made me think that he might be calling the cops, and I certainly didn’t want to go to jail for picking flowers, so I walked extra fast back to my home, which is four houses down from the parks.

You see, lady, I live in the neighborhood, too!


Keith Richards needs $29.99 per book sold, or whatever percentage that he gets, like I need to start smoking crack. I can’t afford the book, but I want to see if the book is worth a shit. The girl who showed me where the Richards book was, at in The Book Store, told me that it wasn’t; she said that that Keith writes like he talks, which is to mean, I guess, that he is hard to understand. She said that she put the book down about half way through it. She also said that she wasn’t much into The Stones, and that Keith didn’t have help writing it, but it does say “with James Fox” on the first page.

At a penny under thirty bucks, I am not going to own my own hardcover copy any time soon, so I will just have to keep coming to the coffee shop, taking it off the shelf, and reading it while I sip on coffee, at The Bookstore. I used to work here. I have seen people camp out on these tables daily, for years at a time. Time is on my side. Time waits for no man and it won’t wait for me. Keith here II come, you’ve got me under your thumb.

Start me up.


The first chapter of Keith Richards’ book, “Life,” reminds me of the book, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” by Hunter Thompson. Maybe it’s the drugs, man.

If the rest of the book is as good as the first chapter, where Keith, and Ron Woods, nearly get busted in Arkansas with a car full of drugs, then the book is worth thirty bucks. I love this jewel from chapter 1: “The choice always was a tricky one for the authorities who arrested us. Do you want to lock them up, or have your photograph taken with them…?!!”


When I used to have major depression issues, I often buy flowers from the Sophy Crown Flowers website and placed them around my house. The nice colors and smells have helped me pull through difficult times on several occasions. I would walk the streets and pick them from folks front yards, bring them home with me, put them in a vase, and smile.


I have two email addresses: one is mainly top secret, for close friends, and family only, and the other is open to the mass of man and women who inhabit the planet. The inhabitable e mail box has gotten out of control: all kinds of Evil Corporations, and entities that really have nothing good to offer me, have been making the box bulge with nothingness, so I have been eliminating folks. “Unsubscribe,” is now my motto!

Got up at 9:01 made a brilliant cup of coffee, after feeding my unfairly meowing cats, and then discovered a brilliant day, out there, with a wonderful spring-like temperature while taking the dogs out for their morning visit. Is there anything more wonderful than being alive?



Second Life Thrift Store to hold Spring Fling Open House!

Benefiting Atlanta’s homeless pets
March 12, 2011, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., Avondale Estates

Second Life, which opened January 8 in Avondale Estates to benefit Atlanta’s homeless pets, will hold a Spring Fling Open House at the store on Saturday, March 12 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to thank its loyal customers and welcome new ones.

Second Life is an upscale thrift store that sells gently used clothing, home décor, and furniture in a boutique-style environment – offering consignment store quality at thrift store prices. Proceeds from sales are donated to animal rescue organizations to support the common mission of reducing the number of homeless pets. Donations for the store are accepted year-round during store hours and volunteers are always needed.

Founded by Tanya Mahrous Tobias and her husband Toby Tobias, their mission is to create a fun, pet-friendly shopping experience where every purchase helps give homeless pets a second chance at life. In addition, it is their goal to help educate pet owners about the importance of being responsible owners and spaying and neutering their pets. More than 80,000 pets are euthanized each year in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area due to lack of homes.


K PICS BELOW:  Top row left and right, and middle row middle picture: Poet Mikel K reading at “The Rant,” held every second Friday at The Coffee & Bagel Co. at 6 p.m. at 2000 Cheshire Bridge Rd. Top row pic on right is Lucky the lucky Dalmation; bottom left is The Love Garden, a Poet K Kreation, and The Christmas Tree just found its way to the street on March 2!! (I am heckling me neighbor here!!)

The inspiration for Second Life is Lucky, their 16-year old rescued Dalmatian who was once homeless and deemed “unadoptable” by a rescue organization. His official role now is as Chief Smile Officer and his job is to make people smile while shopping in the store.

Asked how they got started, Tanya said, “Lucky is the reason they got involved in volunteering with animal rescue and why they opened Second Life – to raise awareness that shelter pets make wonderful pets and deserve loving homes.” Toby added, “the Second Life store is just the means to raising money, but their overall goal is to be very community-focused and part of the solution – by educating the public about the importance of being responsible pet owners.”


K Poems

And you may watch it grow with me

Someday I will plant a weeping willow tree
in a yard of a house that I am living in,
and I will watch it grow, just like I watched
my children grow, just like I am watching
my grandson grow, just like I am watching
my dogs, cats, and turtles grow.


Because we are close

I like you, but I can’t let
your opinion weigh me down.
You are only one person.
You are not God, like you
think you are. Those close
to you often think that
they can stick a knife in you
and that you are supposed to like it
because you are close.

Fuck that.
Fuck that.


No no no

You call it an election
looks like a lecture to me,
you are telling me
that your way of life is best for me.

No no no.
No no no.

I sang when the others were silent;
they were scared to be alone.

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Peace and Love.

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