A nap seems in order after a nice lunch of healthy nacho chips, and dip, a chocolate bar, and a can of chicken noodle soup. Today has been a bad day, and I have sought out unhealthy solutions to pull me through it: comfort food, fattening food; old friends of mine, who I rarely consort with anymore. I should have bought some ice cream, and a cola beverage, also, while I am on this binge. I mean, if you are going to relapse, you might as well do it up.

Tomorrow is another day. I can pull the calorie counter back up on the laptop, and get back on track. I have not fallen into the abyss eternally. Most days of my life, these days, are brilliant. I am glad to wake up. The gift of life is the most precious thing that you, or I, have. While alive, all things are possible.

Do you believe in God? It seems to me that it is not in vogue to express faith these days, unless you are in one of the right wing conservative religions that so many of us tend to shun like the plague.

One of my dogs, Bundy, is asleep at my foot, twitching in his dreams. I can feel him shudder on my foot. For a brief moment, I am concerned about him. I hope that he is not sick. I hope that I don not have to take him to the vet. I hope for world peace, happiness, and food for everyone.

I went to the grocery store to get diced tomatoes so that I could make my World Famous chili, and guess what? I got everything on the list but the diced tomatoes, so, by the recipe that I have, I can’t make chili. I was supposed to have a female friend come over, chill, and have chili with me. I just realized that that might not be the best of all ideas. You know the old saying, “Beans, beans, the more I eat…”

Life is like that sometimes, so if you can’t make chili, make lemonade.

I think that I am about tired of this beard that has been on my face for two, or three, years now, but I can’t cut it off, quite ye,t because I have been cast in a role in a movie with it. This is “The look” that they want, and this is “the look” that they will get.

My youngest son just bought a van. It is his first vehicle. I am so proud of him. The kid works as a mechanic five days a week, and I am glad to be seeing him reap some fruit from his labor. He bought it from the man who he works for. He is blessed to work for really decent folk.

I am a writer. I work all the time. I work on poems, and on memoir entries like the one that you are reading here, but I don’t make a dime from them. My brother, who is a lawyer, can not understand why anyone would waste their time writing these “things” that I do. I don’t much understand lawyers.

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