The Luggage Packing Tips below will help you do everything from reducing wrinkles in your clothes to lightening your travel load.

Part 1 of “Pack Like a Pro” (02/21/2011) was about the preparation stage …now it’s time to actually start packing!!

• Put socks, rolled belts and other small items inside shoes to save space and keep shoes from being crushed.

• Use the Overlapping Method for longer items like pants and dresses. For example, when packing long pants in a suitcase, drape the pants lengthwise allowing the bottom ends to hang over one edge of the case. Next, pack other soft items on top of the pants. Then, gently fold the bottom end of the pants back over on top. The idea is to wrap the pants around softer items to avoid sharp creases and reduce wrinkles.

• Roll T-shirts, pajamas, undergarments and other casual wear to fit in the corners of your suitcase.

• Pack underwear last since it can be stuffed in any available spaces.

• Pack hanging clothes in plastic dry cleaner bags to greatly reduce wrinkling.

• When using a garment bag, use wire hangers whenever possible instead of larger wooden hangers in order to save packing space.

• Double-up pants, ties and scarves under each jacket to reduce bulk.

• Pack shoes in fabric shoe mittens to avoid soiling your clothes.

• If you need a hat on your trip, pack one that can be folded up in your suitcase and pop back into great shape.

• Don’t pack your case so full that you have to force it shut. Even the best hinges and zippers can be damaged by overstuffing a bag.

Now that you are packed…“Why not go somewhere?”


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