One Fit Mama, Susie Fuller Torres has brought us this week’s ‘Hometown Hero’ Question and Answer for the Fat-2-Fit series.  This is where we highlight real people making lifestyle changes that can inspire us all to succeed in our quest for health.  Susie’s Client Diane has dismantled the “Busy-Mom” excuse for an unhealthy lifestyle with her exclusive Fit Mamas at Home workout design.  After seeing seeing Susie and Diane’s transformation photos there is no  doubt that her program works.

Enjoy the article and the pictures and feel free to contact Susie, anytime.

Client Diane Wilson – Age 47

What was your original Motivation?

A fitness and nutrition class that was created for busy “moms” – Something I could fit into my busy lifestyle and enjoy.

What was your initial first day / week or initial fitness routine and diet like?

I began the class April 2010 – the first week of class was very challenging but exciting. When I started the clas, I told myself I did not want to set a “number” for weight loss, as my intention was to lead by example and show my family how important exercise and eating healthy was to everybody and to be committed to yourself when making goals.

What keeps you motivated? And how does your trainer fit in and make your success happen?

What keeps me motivated is my success and determination in this life journey. My family and friends are very supportive at encouraging me as well as my trainer – she always tells us to believe in ourselves and live each day to its fullest. Failure is only for those that give up – Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!!

What is your current routine now that you are more fit and how do you keep that routine while living a busy life?

Currently I train with Susie 3 times a week at Fit Mama Gym with the workout club. On the days I am not at FMG, I get outside for a walk or hit the treadmill:) Once you start eating healthy, working out and drinking lots of water, your daily routine becomes a heatlhy routine – I look back and wonder how I even made it through the day with all my bad eating habits. Now as a family we all eat healthier and make better decisions about what we are eating everyday and even when we are on the go.

Results from start to finish!

My original weight in April 2010 was 205.5 As of January 2011, my weight is at 165 …. a total of 40lbs / 16 inches lost. I went from a size 16 dress to a size 10. It is still hard for me to grasp that I have achieved and learned so much about me during this life journey and I know that this is only a small chapter in my life and that I still have many more accomplishments and with the right attitude, I can and will MAKE IT HAPPEN!

What is your cheat meal / food?

I would have to say, my favorite cheat meal/food is “Breakfast Foods” pancakes, warm syrup, bacon and the WHOLE Egg!

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