I was up at 6:56 a.m. with the rooster not crowing. Roosters, mostly, don’t crow in the city, mister, but my dogs demand to be petted on the head the moment I rise from my pillow. I pray, and scratch their heads, at the same time. The Lord, and Mo, and Bundy, are all happy to see me, once again.

It is 19 degrees out there, at 7:39 a.m. on a fine, fine, cold, Southern Thursday morning, where it feels so good to be alive. My blood sugar was 158 at 7:24 a.m., and one of the major donut selling chains has a new egg white biscuit that is “under 300 calories.”

The dogs have been taken out, and fed. It didn’t feel like 19 degrees outside, when we were there, moments ago; I actually thought that it had warmed up some. The coffee has been made, and drank, and I am now seated at the computer letting the words flow.

Freezing temperatures are supposed to be with us until tomorrow; several of my neighbors are starting their fourth day out of work, as I am sure many, many folks in the greater Atlanta area are. With the wind chill factor, the radio meteorologist just said that it is like 8 to 20 degrees out on Peachtree St. which is blocks from my home.


K pics above… Left: The path is, once again, clear of snow,and ice, and we can, again, walk our dogs. Yeah!!. Middle: The little girl who lives down the street from K made a snow person with her mommy. Right: When they gonna pick up the trash?!


I find it hard to listen to Clark Howard for more than five minutes; he starts to irritate me then; he grates on my nerves intensely after a short period of time of listening to him.

In California you’re going to have to buy your books from Borders; hey, why don’t they legalize pot, and tax it…cuz gin soaked old men say it’s bad for us. I don’t smoke it, but I think that you should be able to, if you want to.



As much as I love to eat, a part of me hates to eat in the morning because my morning meal mostly kills my lust to write. My dog, Morisson, is, at this moment, also trying to kill my urge to write by putting his nose under my elbow in an attempt to pull my hands off of the keyboard, and put one of them on his head.

Snowed in thought: Was Sid Vicious an artist?


K Poems


Your poem, “Moving To Another Box.” was beautiful. I am not sure if you knew this…probably not…sorry that Clark or I haven’t contacted you sooner…but Clark has inoperable cancer… metastasized throughout the liver…more tests are needed to determine the source…we should know more at the end of the month. Your poem moved me in a very personal way. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

You’re so good you scare me. Shit.
–Monkey Girl

“Bad Ass.”
–Skeleton Woman

“I don’t know why, since I have a short attention span for most poetry,
but I love the simple, and the real, in your verse.”


Day to day

Today, I want to be in a rock n roll band.
I want to fly to far away places.
I want to live forever,
see my great, great, great, great grandchildren be born.

Yesterday, I wanted to die,
because my arthritis pain was so great.

–Mikel K
June 2009

What I wouldn’t give

Baby, what I wouldn’t give
to have a dollar for every time
you’ve said that to me,

and, baby, I’d be rich if
I had made you pay for every time
that you hollered at me.

And, what about every time
that you hung up the phone on me,
shouldn’t you, somehow, have to pay.

I don’t really want to walk on,
but, baby, I am gone;
I’m gonna blow out west
put those other girls to the test,
see if you were really the best,
like you always said.

What I wouldn’t give,
what I wouldn’t give,
to have a dollar.

–Mikel K
Sept. 2009

Super Congratulations to Kquvien DeWeese and Nancy Mau. They PASSED their assessment this weekend, and are now Intermediate Junior II Iyengar Yoga Teachers! They join a select few in the country who have attained this level of proficiency in yoga. I have taken class with both of them, and they are outstanding teachers. You can study with either instructor at Stillwater Yoga: http://www.stillyoga.com/home.html

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