Tonight the 2011 Grand Slam Tennis Seasons finally begins.  It is time to get ready for sleepless nights because of the inverted time differential.  Of course only the most committed fans would stay up all night to watch as many of the live matches as possible.  Between the Tennis Channel, The Deuce (ESPN 2), and Direct TV’s multi court cameras featured from channel 701 there will be plenty of Tennis for all.

The Deuce and DTV 701 will begin their pre-game commentary at 6:30 PM this evening (EST).  There are a bunch of ways to follow and to keep up with the matches this year.  Even Team Bold Spicy has a Racquet Bracket Challenge Group set up for both the Men’s and the Women’s Draws.  Please click the link to join and submit your entry to the Tennis Channel’s main event to win prizes including a trip to next year’s Aussie Open. (Citation:

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