“If I had my life to live over, I would perhaps have more actual troubles

but I’d have fewer imaginary ones.”–Don Herold

“Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels,
or any other way you can manage it.”–Mark Twain

“Worry is like a rocking chair–it gives you something to do
but it doesn’t get you anywhere.”

“Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He’s going to be up
all night anyway.”–Mary C. Crowley


I woke up, this morning, with something troublesome on my mind. After a few moments, trapped in the pain, I said to myself, no, wait, stop: I can’t worry about this. And then I said a prayer asking God to guide me. Worry is such an incredibly wasted emotion. It changes nothing, but the one who worries, for the worse. I used to worry a lot. I worried about the past. I worried about the present. I worried about the future, but worry got nothing done. Worry killed my father, and it will kill me, if I let it. Yoga has set me free from much worry. Fly be free.



Henry, and Anna, my great, Great Dane neighbors, and I just walked around the block. Both dogs love to walk, each in their own particular way. Henry likes to be out front, leading us; the first to check things out. Anna likes to saunter. She is in no hurry to get anywhere, or so it seems..

My dog, Bundy, pitched a fit, to see me walking off with other dogs. He didn’t understand that his turn was coming. As soon as I finished my walk with Henry, and Anna, I unstrapped Anna, and opened the door to her home for her. She headed straight for her water bowl, and then to the couch in her living room that she loves to crash on for most of the day. Anna is an older Great Dane, about 9 1/2 years old; she doesn’t have the energy that Henry, who is only 1 1/2 has, but she has the same lust for life that Henry does, only in her own particular manner.

Bundy was still barking. I told him to sit and stay, which he, now, does remarkably well, and I put his muzzle, and leash on him. Bundy is a nipper. He will jump up on strangers to say hello to them, and then take a small excited bite out of them; and thus the muzzle. I put Morisson’s leash on next. Mo is always so patient. He is the best dog in the whole wide world.

Henry pulls me harder, when he walks with Mo, and Bundy, than he does when he walks with Anna, because he and Bundy are trying to out pace each other to be first in the pack. Mo is chill, like Anna. The two walks take about 45 minutes, which I figure is a good little aerobic workout for me, as well as the dogs.

I got a cut off notice, today, from the electricity company. They want $110 NOW! I also got a letter from unemployment saying that my 4th tier is over. I may have to start robbing car washes if you don’t put some money in The Mikel K Tip Jar. If you like what you read here, hook me up/help me out will you. I will send you an E Copy of, “The Delivery Guy,” for your kindness.



K Pics Above: Tom Petty is pointing the finger at Nathan Nelson as The Next Big Thing. Story and interview with Nathan coming soon. Morisson K, the dog, hears no evil. Yeah Mo!


Your subtlety astounds me. Have I mentioned that I have no patience for poetry, but your work is profound. Thanks.–Amy

I so appreciate your posts– humorous and uplifting. Glad to know you and of course will be praying for you.–Merritt Serio

K Poems of the Day


I don’t feel good, this morning,
a lousy attitude is trying to settle in.
I’m going to try not to let it.
I lived with a lousy attitude for decades,
and I will not give in easily
to the return of one.
Pancakes won’t help.
Eggs won’t help.
Oatmeal won’t help.
One of the pills that I just took might help,
and going back to bed will definitely help.

–Mikel K
Dec. 3009


She has given up trying to talk to angels,
she talks to her new plants instead.

–Mikel K
April 2009


Century City
By Tom Petty

Sometimes I wanna leave you
Sometimes I wanna go
Right back where I came from
Back where I belong
But it never lasts for too long
Always goes away
Well I still don’t look for reasons
That’s much too hard these days

Why worry about the rain?
Why worry about the problem?
Honey Century City’s got everything covered

Well your mama gave you lovin’
Mama held you near
Baby mama can’t do nothin’
Honey mama just ain’t here
And you can pretend all you want to
But that won’t work no more
No you can’t run back to daddy
Yeah you tried that once before

Why worry about your father?
Why worry about your mother?
Honey Century City’s got everything covered

We’re gonna live in Century City
Go ahead and give in, Century City
Like modern men, modern girls
We’re gonna live in the modern world

We’re gonna live in Century City
Go ahead and give in, Century City
Like modern men, modern girls
We’re gonna live in the modern world

Sometimes I get discouraged
Sometimes I feel so down
Sometimes I get so worried
But I don’t know what about
But it works out in the long run
Always goes away
And I’ve come now to accept it
It’s a reoccurring phase

Don’t worry about the rain
Don’t worry about the problem
Honey Century City’s got everything covered

We’re gonna live in Century City
We’re gonna live in Century City
We’re gonna live in Century City
We’re gonna live in Century City.


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