“Happiness can exist only in acceptance.”–Denis De Rougamont

“And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment.”–Anonymous

“Acceptance of others, their looks, their behaviors, their beliefs, bring you an inner peace and tranquillity — instead of anger and resentment.”–Anonymous

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”–Brendan Francis

“Accept the place the divine providence has found for you, the society of your contemporaries, the connection of events.”–Ralph Waldo Emerson


I couldn’t move my right knee this morning, when I woke, and when I did it caused me great pain. It rained yesterday, and rain most always affects my knee in a non-positive manner. The weather, outside, was warm, so I turned the heat down in the abode. Cooler temperatures affect my knee, also; so, there, I had the one two punch of cold weather, and rain. The good thing is that once I got up, and started moving, the pain went away, and the knee let me operate normally. I fed my cats, dogs, and turtles, and made a big pot of the cheap coffee that I am drinking. The coffee tastes great. It doesn’t taste cheap at all. I think that cheap is, sometimes, a state of mind. After I fed my dogs, I went next door, and fed Kitty Poo, Henry and Anna. All three of them were very glad to see me.

It is 6:38, and the King and Queen are sprawled on the floor next to my bed. I took them out for the second time this morning, and then brought them over here to keep us company. Henry keeps getting up to inspect things, like the empty cat food bowls, and the toilet in the bathroom. Anna is content to lay her chin on the floor, and rest.

The Great Danes, and I, went for a walk, again, yesterday. Henry, and Anna, love to walk. Henry leads the way, Anna, and I follow. It was wet, yesterday, and there weren’t many people on the sidewalk, but the day before the weather was sunny, and it is funny how many people The Great Danes will attract to them.

“Are they Great Danes?” is the most asked question. People are fascinated with the dogs. I remember being a little scared of them, when I first met them; they were so big. Now, they seem normal to me, not huge; they seem just like Henry, and Anna to me.

Henry and Anna have a feline roommate named Kitty Poo. Her official name is, “Karma,” but no one much calls her that. I used to let Kitty Poo slip into our apartment, but she will not slip into it anymore ,because one of my cats, the black one, Jaggar, is such an asshole.

Kitty Poo is a black cat, also, and one might think that there would be some sort of bond between black cats, but between these two, at least on Jaggar’s part, there is no bond. There is not even an inkling of friendship, or respect. It is as if Kitty Poo is a long hair, and Jaggar has no hair, and must maintain some moronic code of behavior that relates strictly to the length of one’s hair.

“Oh, you are a long hair, Kitty Poo, I will not respect you, and I will try to beat the shit out of you.” I have seen such behavior exhibited in humans, so I would think that it is not too far a stretch to see it in animals.

To look at Jaggar, right now, curled up on the floor next to my desk, you would not think that he was capable of such meanness. He tries to act like he doesn’t care about me, but the fact that he sleeps so close to me, tells me that he does care. When he was a kitten, Jaggar was run over by a car that must have been in a hurry to buy french fries, or a cheap burger. They found him with his chest caved in in a fast food restaurant drive through lane; his mother lay dead next to him. Jaggar was rushed to a vet’s office, and was raised from the near dead by the vet staff. The vet staff kept bringing him out to me, when I would come in with my pets, showing me Jaggar’s progress, and then, one day, they handed him to me, saying, “We know that you will love him!”

And love him I do; I just wish that he wouldn’t be a dick to Kitty Poo.

“Love” is not always what you think it is, or what you think it should be. Sometimes, love is hitting you in the face, and you don’t see it. Sometimes, you think that you are in love, but you are not.


Even though I primarily write on a laptop, I still find use for pens, and a notebook, on occaision. I have long felt that I am not doing my job if I am not very close to a means for writing down whatever comes into my head to write down. For decades, I have carried a pen, and a notebook with me, wherever I go. I have bookshelves full of these notebooks. People who visit, gasp at the amount of notebooks that I have stacked upon one another.

I’m extremely frustrated, right now; my laptop broke down, again; this time it won’t let me get on the internet, it just keeps saying, “Aw snap, something went wrong with this page; try hitting restore.”

I have hit restore. I have restored the computer settings back to an earlier point in time. I have prayed. I have taken an extra pill, but nothing works. I have put in a call to Wayne, the computer genius, but it is New Year’s Day, and I am sure that he is busy with his family.

This, too, shall pass.



I’m living in the corner
with the spider; he has
spun his web, I’m up to
no good. I can’t leave
the spider he would be
all alone. I’d break his
web that would break
his heart, and he couldn’t
eat. I’m up to no good.
I’m hiding here because
of her, she left me standing
with my mouth open. I’m
up to no good. Sympathy
is what I am after. The
spider is my friend,
but I would leave him
in an instant, I would break
his web, if she would
come back to me. I’m
up to no good.


I am the only white person on the train

Ain’t no white people on the train
at 3:40 p.m. on a Tuesday
Everyone is African-American,
except for two Asian girls.
I’m not sure what this says
about the price of eggs in China.

–Mikel K

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