Sunce 2003 Syrah – Rockin’
Posted on December 20, 2010 by Doug of Wines Good

So there I was, looking through my wine storage binder trying to figure out what to drink with my wife’s latest attempt at crock pot mastery, a tri-tip cut o’beef that “stewed” all day. Clearly, something big and bold was in order but what to pick. Then, duh, the moment hit, we’ve got this awesome 2003 Sunce Syrah that’s just been sitting there all these years chilling in the storage fridge.

Now, for those of you that don’t know Sunce, you must find some of their wine and try them out. We stumbled across this small family run operation several years ago while on a trip in the Russian River area of Sonoma County. We had no expectations when we arrived (often how we prefer it) and were totally blown away by the staff and amazing wines.. We signed up for the wine club on the spot (something we rarely do) and for years have been excited to get our Sunce box in shipped to us. Sunce makes these great big Reds, that age gracefully and mature wonderfully.

The 2003 Syrah had such a great note when we opened the bottle we knew that regardless of how the “crock pot” adventures were going to turn out we’d be in for an awesome evening. This wine is a full bodied, rich Syrah with notes of fruit and pepper on the finish. I’m dying for another trip up to visit Sunce and sample some of their newest creations. Due to a lack of storage, we ended our wine club membership last year and are in major need of some new Sunce Wine to round out our collection.

In the end, the tri-tip was good, not great. The wine however, Rocked!

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