I hate it when I am cranking out great works of literature and Windows decides to restart my computer because I “need” updates. I hate it when I think that my Vonage phone bill should be near twenty bucks, like I thought that I signed up for, but it is closer to forty dollars. I also hate it when Vonage charges me ten dollars to change to a less expensive phone plan. Come on y’ all why don’t you make it an even ten? Or twenty? Or two thousand?? I mean you have me under contract and can throw me to the floor in just about any manner, at any time, that you like.

I need coffee.

It’s four thirty a.m. and despite these minor inconveniences, I am glad as hell to be alive. The dogs, cats, and turtles are still asleep. They keep more regular hours than I.

I opened my comments box at OpenSalon.com to find this,this morning:

“Mikel, My dream is to personally meet at least some of the people who pass around lies like “writing matters” and “writers are paid” and beat them until they’re unconscious with a two-by-four filled with nails.”

Got to love sharing your experience, strength, and hope with the mass of man; remind me never to post my mailing address in this column, and gosh, oh my, I was hoping to hustle Christmas cards from you all.

I said, “Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas…whatever you celebrate to a usually friendly lady, and she she practically screamed at me, “I CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS; THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST.”

The song lyrics that come to mind here are,”Once there was a way to get back home.” I’m not sure why those particular lyrics come to mind as I recreate this event in my head; perhaps I yearn for simple times, times when I wasn’t aware of the hatred that people have for each others’ holidays.

On the other end of the spectrum, a few weeks ago, I said, “Happy Thanksgiving,” to a lady. She harumphed me, and said, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS,” letting me know that SHE knew full well that ALL the Indians had been killed by Columbus on Thanksgiving. I also got the impression that she was not thankful for anything. I’m sorry as hell that The Indians got fucked, but in my life, I look for things to be thankful for.

My computer has taken a dive, again; once more telling me that I need to turn to AC power when I am fully plugged in. It does this every so often(too often), and I am sick of it interfering with my writing. Can anyone buy me a laptop for Christmas, or whatever holiday that you celebrate?!

Morisson K says, "Hey!"

Henry and Anna are visiting us, again, today. Henry and Anna are the great, Great Danes who live next door. Henry is addicted to trying to involve you in a game of tug o war with his stuffed toy of the minute being what is tugged. Henry is one and a half years old and is full of life. He is playful like a little kid. Anna is nine and a half, she is the queen of the scene here on Vedado; she spends most of her time in bed, but really likes to eat.

I remember when I first met these two regal beings, how large they seemed, like mini-horses of some sort. Now they are huge in personality, but seem like Anna and Henry to me.

I made the mistake, recently, of following my Primary Care Physician, otherwise known as my Doctor, over to Kaiser Permanente. I was glad to stay with this woman who had kept me healthy, and hooked me into such a great network of doctors over twenty years years. KP wants everything; they won’t let you stay with your old doctors, you HAVE to come under their fold.

I hate being told what to do; I hate being coerced, and I am going to have to let my old doctor go, but that is what I am going to do. I’m not sure how to undo the mess that KP, and I by joining them, have created, but I will figure it out. I look upon “problems” as challenges, these days; nothing is going to bring me down, nothing is insurmountable.

Is it love when a woman vacuums your carpet for you?
Tune into The Daily K tomorrow to possibly find out, and to hear about how The Wayside Riders gig in Tucker, Ga. went down.

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