Team Bold Spicy’s editors have decided that I am way too boring to be featured every week and that this series needs a real monthly, Hometown Fitness Hero and Champion.  We have asked all of the fitness expert contributors to nominate one of their most inspirational and successful clients to be highlighted in this year long series.  We asked them to send us a client that has changed their life while working, parenting, and living a busy lifestyle.  A lifestyle that is full of possible excuses for no results, to battle against.  A ‘relatable’ story that would resonate with all of the average non-fitness-industry folks that may be reading.

The actual reason that this week has alternated away from my personal struggle is that I have miserably fallen off of the wagon.  My Thanksgiving ‘Cheat Day’ turned into a four days of cheating and enjoying desserts, turkey sandwiches, and beer.  My original plan of chain smoking and binge drinking so no food would stay down, has been less than successful.

So our first successful and inspirational, Hometown Fitness Hero, Jennifer Marciante was nominated by her trainer Thomas Leskody of Xtreme Fitness and Chiropractic of Grayson, GA.

Motivation: Jiggly Arms.  Jennifer started her quest for better fitness motivated  by a random peripheral  glimpse of her arms that just could not and ‘should not’  be attached to her body.

Start: Solo Cardio.  Motivated by her newly found ‘jiggly’ arms on March 1st 2010  Jennifer unfroze  her gym membership and focused on the cardio machines like  the stair master and the  treadmill.  Jennifer lost 4 pounds in two months doing cardio  alone with her I-pod. Bored and frustrated with her slow results Jennifer almost gave up her weight-loss quest, again.

Keeping Motivated: On May 5th Thomas Leskody, DC, CPT, took on Jennifer’s stagnant and boring training  routine by first revamping her diet.  He keeps her motivated by pushing her out of her ‘mental comfort zone’. By changing her goals she feels constantly challenged and never bored.  Each one of Thomas’s workouts has its own face; meaning no two workouts are ever the same. Jennifer also looks for interesting and new cardio  classes and training techniques.

Current Routine:

1. Cardio: 3 Mile Run 3 times a week (With Nanook, her standard poodle) 1.5 hours

2. One Hour Aerobics Classes (Currently Zumba and Body Combat) 2 hours

3. 2 Forty-Five Minute, Extreme Fitness exhaustive routine with Thomas

Leskody. 1.5 hours That is a weekly total of only 5 hours per week!


By this August Jennifer went from a ‘15 year old’, unchangeable size 12, to a size  4. What is even more amazing is that Jennifer is a busy working Mom of two boys  (three if you count James, her husband).   Her transformation is amazing.   Jennifer says, “my life has changed forever and I love the fit me and I will never  go back.” Jennifer keeps raising her goals by internally competing against her yesterday’s self.  She has even been  running in 5K road races on the weekends.

Cheat Days:  Never and None.

I will say that the positive energy and inspiration from the entire fitness world is amazing.  The support I have been getting form all over and the time each of these fitness experts has taken with me, on the phone, just to help the readers understand fitness has been saintly.  I appreciate their patience and implore everyone to reach out to them for any questions you may have.  I thought I knew everything when I started this project, though I am glad the experts have proved me wrong.

Jennifer, you are a SUPERHERO.  I hope your positive energy is contagious for me and those who need inspiration from your incredible transformation.  Thank You for being our First Hero and I hope you continue to contribute to our series and answer any additional questions our community may have.  I know Taty and I are proud of you and we are blessed to call you our friend.


Damon Ladd-Thomas (36 Posts)