2010 Sessions

Last year I had a vision of a show that would not only showcase what Atlanta has to offer in songwriters, but also give the fans a chance to connect with the artists on a more personal level. With high success at Charlie Mopp’s, we all enjoyed amazing music, the after jam, and many artists of differing backgrounds were able to network and connect, and everyone got to know a lot more about the musicians.

Last Years Artists:

Past artists include:
Caroline Aiken
Diane Durrett
Tommy Talton
Charlie Wooton
Grant Green Jr
Rita Graham
Copious Jones
Davin McCoy
Bill Sheffield
Nathan Nelson
Ralph Luttrell
Drew de Man
Bobby Lee Rodgers
and many more……

2011 Sessions

Our beloved Mopps is gone and my pals over at Smith’s are helping me revive the awesome show again! Many thanks to 99X and Tree Sound Studios and all of the fans and artists that attend these events.

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