IMG_6148Taco Bell launched their new breakfast hours and menu this Wednesday with a very large advertising campaign that was hard to miss.  Of all of the fast food breakfast fare I would have to admit that my favorite was the McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito.  I am not sure if they still serve them since I have not had a McDonald’s Breakfast in 11 years.

The Burger King Croissan’wich, from memory was also a very yummy morning indigestion delight that was second only to the McDonald’s Burrito; so this new Taco Bell venture seems to have promise.

This photo is the KFC/Taco Bell combo restaurant that is about 100 yards away from my home.  A home that I have owned for over ten years.  Today was the first day I have ever visited this very modern establishment of fine dining for the Georgia Folks.  In fact I had no idea it was even here since I had removed myself from a fast-food diet years ago.

Yes, I am not a fast food fan and the last fast food I ate was the McRib about three years ago.  I dared to eat it for an article for this very Bold Spicy News site.  As wonderfully awful and enjoyable that weekend was, the Taco Bell Breakfast launch makes the McRib feel like a night with Giada De Laurentiis. giadad

The commercials and the advertising of something called a Waffle Taco that allows you to choose bacon or sausage in natural casings with your egg and cheese, sucked me into a world of possible morning taste bud euphoria. I could not defend against it.  My previous boycott of fast food since the McRib experience was quickly forgotten as I sped away from the children’s car-rider line this morning to my local ‘South-of-the-Border’ titillation.

I spent a total of $4.76 for the Waffle Taco with Bacon Combo so I could also try their hash-brown patty and Orange Juice.
Here is the picture of what I brought home from the drive-thru as it looked before I actually put it in my mouth and started my future failing attempt to digest such a fantastic array of many things that should not go together.  I am pretty certain that this is a very different image than I remember on the TV and at the drive-thru station where I had chosen this masterpiece.

IMG_6151I will say that when it comes to food I am not at a culinary level that would be best in rating anything that is fast, numbered, combo-ed, or from a value selection.  I love myself and food entirely too much to spend time getting to know how to distinguish fast food flavors for the purposes of explaining them to those who can eat this everyday.  In other words, I am not an expert though, if Taco Bell would like to successfully launch their breakfast line, here are my recommendations that I am sure Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed will be pining over for many hours.

First, your staff is amazing and friendly even in the morning hours in my small town.  Just for that I would spend $5 to see their smiles.

Second, compete with the breakfast burrito, that is your wheelhouse and to allow a burger joint to be in that market now that you are in the breakfast space is shameful.  Go after that and keep it simple.

Third and finally, if you are going to make a Breakfast Waffle my suggestions are as follows.  The waffle cannot be soggy or microwaved.  Keep it fresh and crispy.  The bacon needs to be real bacon.  Baco-Bits taste awful on salad.  On a waffle they are worse.  Do not melt the cheese.  Sprinkle it fresh and cold on the hot eggs and let it meld naturally.  Maybe you could add some guacamole or jalapeños as extra toppings?  Eggs were fine.  Hash Brown was too thin and lacking anything that resembles a potato and should be completely fixed or axed.  Tropicana Orange Juice is fabulous as always and I appreciated the capped bottle.  Make sure that your staff is ready to add hot sauce to every order in lieu of Syrup.

I give this one bull for effort and the incredible friendly staff and hope that Taco Bell and Yum Brands only get better as they are new in this space for now.



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