By: Jerrilynn Thomas
Network with Women Around While You Help  Build a Profile of Your Local Women’s Market. is developing a network of over 150 online women’s news bureaus that will answer the question “How Do I Market My Company to Businesswomen in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney, & Every Other Major City Around the Globe Using the Local Resources Already in Place?”
To ensure they properly represent the women in business market is inviting the online women in business community to help break the news bureaus down into cities, districts, counties, zip codes, and neighborhoods and share info about the local resources companies can use to tap into their area’s women in business market.
The news bureaus will help business and professional women gather business intelligence to implement niche marketing to women campaigns with Main Street businesswomen on a global, national or local scale depending upon their business goals.
It will provide the online and offline women in business community with a central place for women to connect and look for collaborative business partners. City Pages, marketing snapshots of local women’s business markets, will be developed for all the cities that make up the metro areas covered by’s news network.
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