By Nancy Alhabashi

I was always a dreamer since I was a little girl. Far East by river Jordan I grew older loving to write and paint. By age 15 I moved to the United States. It was nothing but a hobby. Not till 2007 when I had to watch my dear father die from stomach cancer after getting his colon cancer screening, I started painting more and more. I could not grief him enough because I had to put a smile on my face for my two 6 months old twin girls and 18-month-old son. So every night when I put them to sleep I would paint for hours. Only 3 months later I was myself diagnosed with 6 cm mass in my right lung. (Choriocarsinoma) .  . I spent almost 2 years partially watching my kids grow older. Between three surgeries and four long Chemo sessions I would go to my basement and paint. I poured on canvas all kind feelings. (Hope, sad, love, grief…Etc.nancy1

I finally won the battle. Although cancer is never good news but in my case it was I knew what I wanted to do with. I have contacted Aurora Theatre and did my first solo exhibit there. It was a very successful solo exhibit with an outcome of seven pieces sold which was the first in the Theatre history. I am very blessed to be given another chance to stay around for my wonderful children (Hisham, Razanne, and Rowanne), and loving husband (Hashem Abuaisheh).

Artist Statement:
I believe in the power of colors. Yes you can stir feelings with only colors. I use several layers to create texture and depth. I am very daring with how I use a cricut machine for art and putting colors together. I  mix impressionism with abstract. Good art is what stirs feelings and touches your heart.Try looking at beginner acrylic art painting tutorials if you want to get into painting.

nancy copyI am still learning each day about myself through painting and writing. In trying to take things to the next level, I have started learning the art of Damaged Oil Painting Restoration. This is because I believe art in all of its forms is a way of healing physically and mentally, and should therefore be preserved. Love is the most powerful feeling that can change lives, and should not be lost to time. I paint and write and learn about love in a very soft yet strong way. Most of my work is dreamy and somewhere else out of this world.

About My Book  Soul Whispers : As much as painting is a way of expressing for me; writing poetry does the same. So not only that I painted through my hardship I also wrote letters to my children and late father, which I gathered and added many poems that I have written through the last 15 years of my life to make it into my very first poetry book Soul Whispers.

I opened a beautiful Candy shop in Historic Lawrenceville Downtown called “Nancy’s Candy and Spice” my art is all over the wall.

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