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Spotlight on Southern Barter Club: I have never really been an advocate of “showrooms” in barter companies. Too often because of a lack of merchandising skills they come off looking like a flea market and tarnish a barter company’s image. However, this week I visited The Trading Post, a retail outlet operated by Southern Barter Club in Dacula, GA. I was very impressed with the quality of the products and how they were presented. They recently received a large shipment of home accessory and decorator items which are available at 100% trade with an everyday savings to our employees of 50%. Here are some pictures I took to give you a better idea:

I applaud Henry and Laurie Sossa of Southern Barter Club for raising the standard among barter companies and proving that barter can indeed be a respectable way of doing business. I am continually pleased with the quality of service we receive from this local barter company and I would encourage any of you who are in the market for home décor to visit The Trading Post in Dacula and find some bargains. They are located at 2300 Liam Avenue #205, Dacula, GA, 30019.  Click a button to their website:

Southern Barter Club

Before you spend cash… Southern Barter Club to save!

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