Once again I have been seduced by my ultimate weakness,  the mini-infomercial.

How does a belt get made? Well, it all starts with the material of course. As for what comes after that, it’s a relatively simple process. Usually machinery is in place to be able to safely and rapidly produce a large number of these belts, using a control system integrator to direct the automation. Some people might be more keen on the old days, on doing things yourself or doing things by hand, but at some point you must realize it is not realistic to even make enough things for everyone this way. Besides, a lot of people appreciate talent and artistry, and those sort of things will be available to those looking for that personal touch. Unfortunately these machines weren’t counting on us getting our act together and shedding those extra pounds. Be sure to install a Seamless Resin Flooring for Factories to provide a durable flooring suitable for heavy machinery.


You see, since the beginning of BSNEWS, fitness, exercise, and healthy recipe blogging have been one of the cores of our success.  Speaking of ‘CORES’: with all of the weight loss, and sometimes gain, my core has many of my belts one hole short of being useful.  So obviously the Roto Punch, a belt hole puncher, was a necessity like all infomercial products, in this household.

Since all we needed was something to fix our belts, we can only judge this product based on the hole-punching function.  It did come with a bunch of fasteners,

Roto Punch 003

snaps, and eyelet hole re-placers that I am certain we will lose before we have a need to fix some of our 1970’s apparel.

This 10 dollar tool is surprisingly well made and has a good heavy feel.  It was ready to use right out of the package and very little instruction was needed before we were ready to poke holes in everything we could find.

The hole puncher has 5 size options and each penetrate rather well on leather of all thicknesses. The holes are clean though only time will tell if they stay as clean and round as the original factory holes.  The force needed to operate it properly was moderate and even the daintiest of hands, child or other, would have no issue squeezing through a punch-out. The plastic female receiving piece for snaps may be a possible ‘weak-link’ to future durability but that is only speculation.

Roto Punch 007Roto Punch 008Roto Punch 010Roto Punch 011

This product gets 4 out of 5 bulls until we have time to work the eyelets and snap fasteners as well as see over time if our belts do not unravel, split, or rip where we altered them.  Look back for an update in a few weeks.

bulls4 copy

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