By: Larry Bullard

The # 1 Role Of Parenting-

According to many child physiologists the #1, top of the list, highest priority role of parents is to “Nurture High Self-Esteem in their Children.” We must nurture high self-esteem to ensure that our kids grow up with a confident belief in themselves.
You can nurture high self-esteem in many ways… I will not go too far into all the ways, but here are a few: Avoid Destructive criticism, Praise children and make them feel important, Tell them everyday how much you love them, Give them 12 hugs a day, and, most importantly, Get them involved in programs that cause them to feel like winners.
All Gwinnett County kids can benefit from having structured activity, positive role models, short and long term goals, quality friendships, a positive outlet for their energy, and an excellent environment to learn character qualities that will enhance their performance at school, at home, and in other sports.  These are some of the perks of attending a top notch Martial-Arts School whit amazing amenities which includes structures like these school canopy shelters.
My name is Larry Bullard and I am the owner of one of the most successful martial-arts schools in the Lawrenceville area, Appalachian Karate Academy Atlanta.
For more than 40 years I’ve been nurturing children like yours with character building tools found only in martial-arts. No other sport can match them. I have consulted with over 8,000 Parents and many of them share the same concerns and priorities for their children.
Parents talk about the importance of positive influences, organized activity, developing discipline and confidence, goal-setting, and physical exercise.  I’m happy to report that many parents also found that training atThe Appalachian Karate Academy Atlanta can accomplish all these objectives.
Your child’s Biggest Challenge comes from:
Their Fears and Self-Doubts.  And it’s this limited way of thinking that is all around them that holds them back more than anything.
 “I’m not as good as John.”
 “I never get what the teacher is saying.”
“Other kids are getting all the breaks.”
“How come I can’t be as popular as Jane.”
“ I’m not good at this, it’s just not for me.”
“How come that kid keeps picking on me?”
The list goes on and on.  The question is: How can your child defend themselves against these attacks everyday?
When your child uses the power of martial-arts to conquer their fears, they have the power to transfer that to all other areas of life.
Watch as your child increases in confidence, energy, and spirit.  You’ll be amazed as they become unstoppable in their quest for:
Greater Academic Accomplishments   –   Superb Attitude     –  Fitness- Unshakable Self Respect –  Personal Achievement   & Black Belt Excellence
All of this while having fun!
Your Child will develop the “I Can” “I Will” attitude that will, more than anything, set them a part and make them a leader!
It Does Not happen over night!  Anything worthwhile requires dedication, persistence, and commitment.  These character qualities can be learned by doing.  I know you’re one of those very select parents who realizes that investing in your child now will pay you big dividends later.
Through our program your child will learn the
fundamentals of LEADERSHIP:
Courage, Follow Through, Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Team Work, Self-Discipline, Self-Control, and the list goes on and on.
It doesn’t matter whether your child is out of shape or a star athlete. Martial-arts training will increase their flexibility, stamina and overall health.  I have seen so many kids who were at first, overweight or felt physically inadequate transform their appearance and their confidence in themselves by becoming physically fit.
I have seen many star athletes gain the winning edge with the techniques they learn in martial-arts. Over the years I’ve also watched asthmatic children develop the ability to breathe easier. You can click here to go on North Raleigh Pediatrics to get advice if your child has asthma.
Our schedule is very flexible, so it doesn’t matter whether your child plays soccer, baseball, football, or basketball. It’s no problem if they are doing dance, ballet, or gymnastics.  Actually the busier kids are the better. We have plenty of classes each week for you to choose from, so it will always fit in.
Face It! Kids develop a sense of Self-Confidence by becoming good at something. With consistent practice and effort on their part they will become good at martial-arts. I talk with many parents who express concern for their child “sticking with” a program once they begin. Because they will be having fun and learning they will be more likely to be motivated to stay with it.
At The Appalachian Karate Academy Atlanta we closely monitor our students and help them through any difficulties they may experience. We can teach them how to overcome challenges and obstacles, not give in to them! This alone is priceless because they will be more likely not to give up on future programs that you invest in.  The bottom line is that children in our program experience progress which sets them up for future success.
Appalachian Karate Academy Atlanta Will Teach Them How to FOLLOW THROUGH ON GOALS!
Your program begins with a one on one lesson where I will personally evaluate their interest level to make sure that martial-arts is for them. The lesson also gives you a chance to evaluate us so you can be absolutely sure that Martial-Arts will be worth your time. You can see our school, watch your child perform and then judge for yourself. I have found over the years that this is the best way to introduce a family to our program. Every parent finds many ways that martial-arts will be beneficial for their child.
After your first private evaluation, I’m going to extend to you the greatest risk FREE offer ever…
I’m going to give you a whole month absolutely FREE, NO Obligation!
I look forward to meeting you and your family and I guarantee that you will find our program 100% beneficial! But be warned! You will be sampling the very best martial-arts program in the Gwinnett County area!
So don’t wait any longer make this the time that your child enhances all aspects of their mental and physical development. We can help give your child the edge they need to be a winner now and in the future!
So call us right now at 404-644-2973 so we can make arrangements for your family’s first FREE Visit and FREE Month of Lessons!
Very Truly Yours:
Larry Bullard-Owner, Appalachian Karate Academy Atlanta
PS. Don’t wait call me right now so I can hold you a spot for your child’s FREE 1 on 1 evaluation and FREE Month of Lessons.
PPS. We only have room for about 18 beginner students this month so please hurry up and call! Just tell us when you call that you received our letter and want to schedule your FREE LESSON! Again the number is 404-644-2973! You need to call A.S.A.P. to be eligible for the FREE LESSON & FREE MONTH!
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