Pigs in Space!

by Larry Blumen

On March 22, those clever bird brains at Rovio released a new version of Angry Birds that marks a departure (literally!) from their previous earthbound versions. Everything up to now in this physics-based game could have been played by Galileo—when you flung a bird, it traced a parabolic arc through the sky before coming down on the hapless pigs. Now the pigs are in space, hiding on asteroids and other planetary bodies, and you have to know something about orbital mechanics to play the game—it’s rocket science.

But Angry Birds fans should not worry. The scientists at Rovio have made the first level of games absurdly easy to suck you in before upping the difficulty to a level that will leave you stranded in the asteroid belt without a retro rocket. If, like me, you had reached a point where you could play this game in your sleep blindfolded, you’ll have to wake up and start thinking again—it’s a new frontier!

Larry Blumen is an innovative author with a dryer-than-dry sense of humor.  His debut book VD Man takes place in 1965, Miami, Florida, a city that has more cases of infectious syphilis than any city in America—a fact the Chamber of Commerce and the Miami Health Department conspire to cover up. Into this sticky wicket stumbles Allen Kravass, who gives up a cushy job in his father’s bank to pursue a career in syphilis eradication with the federal government. Kravass aspires to be a VD man—a sleuth for syphilis.

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