I give the NEAT DESK 4 Bulls out of 5!

I am a Sucker for “As Seen On TV” items…

So I recently purchased the “NEAT DESK Organizer”. I bought the bigger of the two organizers NEAT offers.  I felt like it was a ‘bigger bang for the buck’!  Well let me say I love it!

Now I am looking for things to scan.  Not only can you scan documents, receipts, and business cards, but the NEAT DESK is smart.  It’s 90% accurate in the way it categorizes files.  If it scans incorrectly or to the wrong document type you can manually edit.  The NEAT DESK also allows you to file the documents for your year end taxes.  This scanner allows you to scan anything and turn it into a PDF file.

This NEAT DESK will scan color or black and white as well as ‘double-sided’ scanning with just one quick pass.  The software that is provided with the unit is very easy to use.

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