Kimberly Lam opened her new business in Lawrenceville just a month ago and already has her fans.

Her business Sun Nails & Spa provide manicure, pedicure, skin care, facial, waxing, eyelash extension, and other services.

Kim also have Skin Care, Slimming Products recommended by a Houston weight loss clinic, Facial Masks and much more for you to look and feel beautiful.

All women strive for perfect porcelain skin. Due to our busy lifestyles, we don’t have the time and energy to properly stick to our beauty rituals, so consistency and determination are important.

Oriental women emphasize beauty routines based on natural products.

According to legends (and confirmed by my friend, a KL skin specialist), Oriental women have secret formulas to keep their skin smooth, youthful looking and forever beautiful.

They have  reaped  the  rewards of their botanical heritage for centuries. Beauty secrets from Asia Consists of beauty and skin products that combine ancient beauty recipes and the newest modern technology which together maintain enhance and preserve skin’s youthful appearance and health. You can also find this and more information here for the best skincare advice.

Visit Kim and Uncover Oriental beauty secrets by using her services and products.
2695 Sugarloaf pkwy


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