The every once in awhile K: For Kobain, freedom’s not just a word

“You might tell me that I can not do something, but I won’t listen to you, and I will do it because it is the only thing in this life that I have ever wanted to do. I have dreamed it. I am living it, and you can’t take it away from me.”

Up at 6:22 am I scratch the cat for a moment or two, pet the heads of Dylan, and Morrison, who are waiting, wagging tails by the bed. For a brief moment, I feel dread, but I pray and the feeling goes away. I feed the turtles, and the cats, and my day is started. Amen.

This morning, I get so wrapped up in The Word that I forget about The Nectar that I have concocted that sits waiting patiently on the kitchen counter. The coffee needs to be zapped in the microwave for 45 seconds because I have neglected it. The beverage does not let me down when I push the button on the machine, pull it out, and put it to my lips. That  first sip makes me happy. 

Another day is starting; I realize that I am super blessed to be alive, and that any perceived problem is easily surmountable while I have the gift of life. 

Kobain, the cat, was scratching on the porch screen trying to find a way out into the outside world. When that didn’t work, he tried to roll under the small crack under The Love Porch door. Then he went behind some luggage being stored on the porch to see if there was a way out there. He is starting to whine, like he used to in the old days, to get me to let him out.

This experiment about letting him onto The Love Porch may have failed. Kobain has a strong desire for freedom, but I will not give it to him. I don’t want him to get splatted by a car, like my Madonna did so many years ago.

This is part of a conversation that I had with a lady from Sindh, Pakistan, today, who is on my Facebook List. Her question as to why Americans are afraid of Muslims is not one that I am going to answer right away. I would like to see what you, my Facebook Friends, have to say about it.

A lady in Pakistan asks: “Americans are afraid of Muslims. Why?”

Rajper: Our onion crop is affected from the rain
K: Not good.
R: People are living on the roads; and animals, and people,
are dead in the large number.
K: That is very sad.
R: Do you know anything about Sindh?
K: I’m sure that it is beautiful.
R: Yes, Sindhi and its culture are 5000 old.
You can come visit it. We hate American Government
policies, but her people are innocent; we understand
K: Thanks, and I hear you.
R: Americans are afraid of Muslims. Why?

As I was walking a delicious cup of coffee from the kitchen to The Love Porch, I noticed Shawtie laying next to Dylan. Not only was Shawtie laying next to Dylan, but she was licking Dylan on the face. Often, Shawtie attacks Dylan, so I really wonder what has brought about this turnabout, and how long it will last.

I posted an ad to Craig’s List, tonight, looking for an assistant. Do you think that I will get any bites??

Poet Seeks Assistant (Midtown by Piedmont Park)

Date: 2011-09-12, 6:49PM EDT

Poet seeks assistant. I need somone to organize over 13,000 poems that I have written,
and get them in a publishable form. I can’ pay you, but I will let you walk my dogs,
and clean my office, on occasion. This is a labor of love; you must love my poetry.
And my dogs. And my office.

Mikel K

PS You can find me as mikelkpoet on Facebook
(Won’t that be fun!)

Goodbye Border’s on Ponce; goodbye.

I was saddened to stick my nose on the window of what used to be the Border;s Bookstore on Ponce, yesterday, and not see a single book in the very empty space. For years, I had wandered the aisles of that bookstore, both as a customer, and as a person using the space as if it was a library, where I could read for hours in the coffee shop, and not buy a single thing; and then for a year as an employee in the coffee shop, dispensing coffee drinks, and smiles to other customers. Goodbye Border’s on Ponce; goodbye.

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