Every spring gardening is something that consumes our family time and we consider it a very ‘Zen’ activity.  Some of the lowest maintenance plants in a backyard garden are HOT PEPPERS!  From Chilies to Tabascos to Jalapenos; they are also very colorful and decorative in any area of your yard that needs ‘SPICING” up.  The end of the summer is a big celebration because the kids go back to school and the peppers are ready to be harvested…


Here is a simple and healthier choice over store bought or restaurant buffalo wings that can be seasoned to taste. Don’t worry if you do not have a garden.  Organic market peppers and organic spicy wing sauce can be just as good for all of you ‘CITY-FOLKS’.

This recipe from Spice Kitchen + Bar is for 14 adult servings and should last in your freezer for 6-7 weeks of Sunday Spiciness! (NASCAR and FOOTBALL)


5 cups Variety of Spicy Red Peppers- Anything red make the prettiest final product, though some of the greener varieties may be milder.

2 cups Vinegar- Red or White just tangy!

1 cup Honey- Organic or local, though any store bought honey works.  We just find some of the local varieties add a local flowery flavor that cannot be described.

2 tblps Salt-though salt is not necessary if you are trying to cut back.

1 Cup Sugar-Brown or Raw (not processed).

4 Cloves of Fresh Garlic

1 Stick Butter from Raven’s Gourmet Butter-Unsalted works just as good when you have salt in the recipe already.

56 pieces Chicken Drums & Wings (Use Boneless & Skinless Breast or Thighs to make even healthier.)

8 Large Size Freezer Bags.


Here are the four steps in producing this recipe in just an hour that will last all fall.


1. Boil the chicken in a large pot for 1 hour on high flame.

2. While Chicken is boiling add peppers, honey, vinegar, salt, sugar, garlic in your food processor or blender, set to puree.  Pour contents (Strained or Un-strained if you like chunky bits) into saucepan.  Bring mix to boil and then back to simmer to add stick of butter.  Cook until melted and thick.

3. When chicken is ready remove from pot, pat gently with paper towel to remove excess water and place chicken pieces and parts into a humongous large mixing bowl with your spicy pepper mix.  Let stand in spicy cover for about 5 minutes.

4. The last step is to pack and freezer store your entire bounty, though your entire family, with watering mouths, will want to eat some right away… So pack all but one family serving in freezer bags so they can lay flat and have a generous amount of spicy sauce all around them.  Stack in freezer as shown above.

The last step with your unfrozen sample or your future frozen servings, is to bake on a foil covered flat sheet in the oven for 35 minutes at 350 degrees.  This adds a little bit of crispy and cooks the spicy right in.

In one hour you have made 7-8 meals that are meal ready with just a little heat.  Great for the busy family, Healthier, Cheaper, and of course Tastier.


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