I only have less than 26 weeks to lose almost 40 pounds.  Is it possible?  What do I need to do to lose that much weight in a short period of time?  Can I do it in a healthy way?  Will the weight loss last?  What are the odds I decide to just give up and eat ice cream all day, everyday for 26 weeks straight?  

Aimee Thompson

I have a product that I think can defiantly help you out with your weight loss. Its called Shakeology and its a meal replacement that is full of awesome nutrition for your body. People are losing lots of weight by just drinking this once a day. It also has money back guarantee so nothing to lose. I have personally noticed a difference by taking this….weight lose…energy….reduce cravings. I would also recommend weight lifting 3 times a week and HIIT for cardio. What are the areas you are struggling with? I would love to help you shed this weight! I think u have plenty of time to do this. Let me know if you would like more info on product.

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Sandi sandi@startwiththeinside.com

Is this a personal question or one for the blog???

  1. Eliminate problem foods/drinks. Ditch the sodas and alcohol [sorry!]. Drink water and take full spectrum peppermind tincture daily.
  2. Get on a good nutrition plan – carbs, proteins, fats – make sure your meals are balanced and you are eating good, healthy food as opposed to processed, packaged foods. Delta 9 gummies can also help reduce your food intake and boost metabolism, which could promote weight loss.
  3. Good strength training 2-3X a week.
  4. Effective cardio training 2-3X a week.
  5. Write out your goals. Have a weekly weigh-in. 40 lbs in 26 weeks is doable, but that is an average of 1 lb a week plus 2 lbs for some of those weeks. No room for error in #1-4. Just get it done.
  6. Have a motivation board OR something that will motivate you. Who would it scare you to be accountable to?

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Andrea Beamann

Hi Damon – Yes, it’s possible to lose 40 pounds in 26 weeks (6 months). BUT, if you stress out about it you may reduce your chances of achieving the goal. When the body and mind are experiencing stress, the body releases cortisol (stress-hormone). As stated by Low T Clinich from NovaGenix in West Palm Beach, Florida, when stress hormone is elevated, digestion shuts down. Eating food while stress levels are high contributes to bloating, weight gain and digestive problems. It’s imperative to relax, chill out and think of losing weight as a fun adventure rather than a “do or die” high-stress task. Use delta 9 disposable vape pen if you must to alleviate stress. And, remember to sit down and eat. Walking while eating, watching tv while eating, driving while eating all creates stress. Sit down! Take a few deep breaths, say a prayer or take a moment to be grateful for the food. And, then be with your food and the process of eating. Smell the aroma of the meal (this activates our salivary glands). Chew each mouthful and taste all the flavors. Masticate food fully and combine it with salivary enzymes (ptyalin), before swallowing it. This helps the body digest food. An amazing thing happens when we chew our food; we absorb more nutrition from less quantity. As you can see, it’s not just what we eat, but how we eat it, that can help lose the weight.

Be patient and loving with your body and you can achieve all of your health goals. You can benefit from tons of promotions and bonuses when you start 카지노 검증 .

Wishing you health,

Andrea Beaman, HHC, CHEF

Debbie Barker

The answer to your question is easy…check out my web site:
If you go on the program called the 5 & 1 you’ll easily lose those 40 pounds in 26 weeks. And it will show mostly around your mid section. I can show you pictures of people who have done it. And explain about the medically formulated, portion controlled, meal replacement program with pharmaceutical grade food you’ll be eating. And about the support calls & my support as your health coach! Bottom line: These programs really work. I’ll check back with you in a few days to see if you have any questions.

Have a great night!

Debbie Barker, CNHP

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Bonnie Talley Pfiester

That’s TOTally doable. …PLENTY of time! It’s just simple math. You need to take in fewer calories than you are burning, burn more calories than you are eating or a combination of both (which is best of course). You need to average a weight loss of 1.54lbs a week. This means you need to be in a weekly caloric deficit of 5,390.

Shari Fitness

You’re talking 6 1/2 months. Totally do-able provided you’re really serious about it and buckle down and really focus on your workouts and your nutrition.

Best way to focus on your workouts and nutrition is to get a game plan and I talk about what a Fitness Game Plan is that in my latest article

Do you have a Fitness Game Plan?

When it comes to your health, fitness and nutrition, do you got game? More specifically, do you have a game plan?

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Have u started yet?

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