I just started doing this crazy hard new workout called Insanity, produced by Beachbody.com. I’ve done some of their other routines with real success ~ Power 90 about 6 or 7 years ago, and P90X just 3 years ago ~ and those are amazing workouts, the latter being crazy hard. However, I’ve never seen anything like this.

I’m finished with Day 3 and I have no doubt where the name of this 60 day intensive came from, though I do doubt that I’ll be walking well tomorrow!

In order to get the best results from this, protein consumption is critical, and for many reasons, I prefer to get my protein from a variety of sources. I did have a decent bean salad today which I threw on top of mixed field greens, but I found some ready-made products that work well for lunch or dinner too.

At Trader Joe’s I found beef-less strips and chicken-less pulled chicken in a barbecue sauce. If you ever ate meat, I don’t think the beef-less strips will rival any positive memory you might have had, but you might want to shred them, after browning them in a sautee pan, into a mexican dish with some salsa, spanish rice, non-dairy sour cream and guacamole. As for the chicken-less chicken, it would make a great sloppy vegan joe! Not to mention a serving is only 120 calories, 2g of fat and has 17g of protein…(the beef-less is 20g of protein!)

I also found a product called Love Burritos (written evol. and found in a celophane wrapper with pink, white and black writing.) The Veggie Fajita one it tried is not only vegan, but it has 10g of protein, 290 calories, 5g of fiber and only 3.5g of fat!

Sounds good, right?

If you’re thinking about a breakfast option, my favorite is the Smart Ground sausage. This vegan protein is wrapped like a salami and tastes like a lean sausage. I love it browned in a sautee pan in a little cooking spray, and then plated on top of warm slices of polenta, a little Daiya melted cheese on top and some maple syrup…it’s killer tasty and super healthy!

Any faves you want to share?

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