It is dark, and there goes Henry, barking at The Butterflies who are asleep.

I think that even if I was a billionaire, that I would still brew my coffee at home, most of the time. Home is a great place to have your coffee. Now, as a poor boy, I buy “Joe’s” coffee at TJ’s, and make it mellita style. I knew that you were wondering about that. I add 2% milk to the coffee, these days. I used to always have half and half in the refridgerator, but when I decided to drop some pounds in the fat tummy, I decided that eliminating half and half would be a good idea.

This girl, who appeared to know what she was talking about, told me, the other night, that 2% milk was worse for you than whole milk, because 2% was somehow chemically processed. People are always telling me that things that I thought were good for me are not; like eggs. I was removing the yolk from my eggs, and just eating the egg whites, because that is what the dietician at my endocrinologist’s office said to eat; she said that the fat in the yolk was not a good thing to eat if you were trying to lose weight. And then these other folks, arm chair experts on the internet, I will call them, said that it was best to eat the whole egg. leaving me confused.

What I need is to find some expert that tells me that it is a healthy thing to overdose on chocolate, that to pass out on your bed from eating so much of it is actually good for you.

I’m on The Love Porch cranking out great works of literature. My neighbor is playing cool music from the past: The Guess Who, James Taylor, Roberta Flack. She is cleaning, while I try to type my way into your hearts, and minds.

The dogs, hers, and mine, have all gotten real quiet. Though my neighbor’s door is open, and my dogs are welcome in, they are both, Morisson, and Bundy, at my feet. I am amazed at how quiet my dogs, and hers, the great Great Danes, Henry and Anna, are when the record stops playing. (Yes she has records, and a record player, even).

“How’s the cleaning going,” I shout over to her, and the dogs, mine and hers, erupt. She answers, but I can barely hear her over the din of the dogs. Often, in order to preserve, peace in this world, to maintain a calm, you must keep your mouth shut.

I see a man and woman somewhere, probably in a house, on a farm. The woman leaves the door to the house wide open, so that anyone could come in. The man sits at a table typing; he has a gun nearby; out of site. They both believe in freedom, just view it in different ways. The differences make the relationship pleasant.

Cars drive by, and see the man typing. Most of them don’t notice him, but people travel from the other side of the world, also, to see that man on that porch.

It is 10:20 p.m. and I have accepted a nice cup of coffee from my neighbor. At first I said no because of the time, but then I said fuck it, yes I want it; I want to stay up all night; I want this day to never end.

My neighbor said that she would drink it, and I said I told her that I was just giving her a hard time: you can’t have it, it’s mine.

This day was so normal. I went to The Evil Dept. Store with my neighbors, and had coffee with my neighbors at The Satanic Coffee Shop in The Bohemian part of town. I laughed. I farted. I walked the dogs. I ate. I experienced this incredibly beautiful thing called LIFE. Let’s hear it for life. I’m glad as hell that I am alive, aren’t you?

I just scored some blueberries at The Farmer’s Market, and some chickens died for me, so that I could bring home some spicy Italian chicken sausage. Tom Petty is singing, “Free Falling,” from my neighbor’s stereo. I have just drank a cold hot tea with milk. I was too lazy to take the tea in from The Love Porch to The Microwave Oven, and warm it.

It’s another beautiful day, here in Paradise. Paradise is in your head. If you are feeling good, Paradise is wherever you are at.
Up at seven. You are not broke if you spend your money on traveling; you will always have the wealth of your experiences. I have traveled from one side of this city to the other. I know it like the back of my hand. It is my land.

I forgot to feed the cats; oh no, I forgot to feed the cats; will they ever forgive me?!

Jaggar, and Kobain sleep with me, each on one side, Kobain next to my ribs, Jaggar out of reach of my hands. When I rise, they run to their food bowls, and stand at attention next to them. Kobain will stand there all day, until he gets fed his morning wet food snack. Jaggar is more nonchalant; he has better things to do with his time, than protest.

Well, the cats have been fed, and Kobain got to share in my morning sandwich, so I am going to go back to bed, and get some more beauty sleep; Lord knows I need it!

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