I worship onions. I put them in as many dishes as is feasible. I have onions in my salad, on my sandwiches, in my eggs. I buy onions almost every time that I go to the store. Onions are supposed to be good for you; I must be a very healthy fellow. My kids can’t stand onions. They will turn down the greatest of foods, if they detect even a minimal onion presence. I want blood tests. As I was eating some onions, the other day, I wondered what other people thought about onions, so I decided to ask.

Mikel K Poet: What do you think about onions?

David Powell: I eat them without thinking. I know, vegetable brutality is thoughtless. Bless the onion to my nourishment, for it is an innocent creature that has no malice toward men.

Pigpen S House: I thing they should start a union.

Amber Rohrmayer: I love em! Sweet best, red next.

Karen Siverson: Can not imagine life without onions. Or, sure would not want to. Ditto garlic, ginger and cilantro!

Maggie Hollis-Actress: I like em raw on my hot dawgs. I like em sauteed with butter, wine, and mushrooms. On burgers with cheese and mustard!

David Snave Evans: They are the cornerstone of many a dish…sauteed, slightly carmelized…mmm.

Artist Mattier: Are we supposed to ‘think’ about onions…?? Oh. Yes. Good idea. Gets the mind off of banana bread!!

Mikel K Poet And war. Think onions, not war.

Ed note: Artist Mattier thinks that I write about my homemade banana bread too much.

Kathryn Weitzel: I love them baked in a crockpot on top of bratwurst Ya vol!

Maggie Hollis-Actress: To form a more perfect union: cheese and onions!

Bret Love: I have eaten BBQ alligator in N’awlins. I have raw ostrich meat in South Africa. I have eaten chocolate-covered cuttlefish in Hawaii. But I will not eat onions, ever. You will be stunned by the Zen-like patience with which I will pick them out of a dish!

Lisa Cohen: ♥ onions, yet they are currently, along w garlic, on my no-fly zone as I am working on pacifying my pitta.

Brian Rosenberger: I hate them so much they bring a tear to my eye. Onion Rings however, not so bad.

Rich Morarre: raw – nope; grilled – ABSOLUTELY!!



Above Pictures Left to Right: Pigpen S. House: He wants a union of onions. Artist Mattier:  Can’t stop thinking about banana bread. Snave:: Snave and The Grass are in The Recording Studio.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I chose the one less trodden, and that has made all the difference. ~~Robert Frost

Saltine crackers are addicting; bet I can’t eat just one.

The dogs, and I, just finished the second walk of our day. I guess that since we couldn’t walk at all, last week, our systems are making up for it, this week. I may bake a gluten free banana bread, tonight for my gluten free neighbor, Lisa.

Wayne the Computer Genius came through, again, for me, today. If you need help with your computer contact me, and I will put you in touch with Wayne. He can do phone consultations.

How are you enjoying the warmer weather, those of you that live near me? I am. It is somewhat freaky, though, that one week we have a snow, and ice storm that cripples the city, and the next we have days that a spring-like in temperature, and beauty.

K Poems

The Thaw

Soon, there wont be yellow stains in the snow
the piss will disappear along with snowmen
that children made. The ice will have melted, too;
there will be no excuse to stay home.

–Mikel K
Jan. 2011


Watch out for the signs

A little dog bit me on the knee;
He told me later
that it was because he had to pee.

–Mikel K
Jan. 2011


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