One minute like a raging mother, the next like a quiet lover, is what I am getting from listening to the songs that the band, Escape Ferocity, are presenting to me on its Facebook page. Escape Ferocity is a rock band from Calhoun, fronted by two girls. I did an internet interview with Kelly Green, the guitarist, and backup vocalist in the band. Below are the results. At the end of the interview are several links to videos of the band. You should check them out. Escape Ferocity is a very moving experience.

Mikel K:

I am listening to your songs now at:

Would this be a good link to post with the blurb,
for people to be able to listen to your music, or do youhave a better site?

You say you play guitar in the band; do you sing,also?
Who is the lead singer?
Who all is in band? (Names and instruments?)

Why did you form?
What is your goal?

Who writes the songs?
How often do you rehearse?
Do you play out? Where?

Why Calhoun; especially being from Bradenton??


Kelly Green:

The link to our facebook will probably work the best. People can listen to music, find out when we’re playing, and there are links to our youtube videos.

Yes, I play guitar and sing harmonies. The rest of the band is made up of Rysa Davis- lead vocalist, Matt “Simply Known As Matt”- bass, and my brother Kody Lee- drums. Rysa and I founded the band as an acoustic duo and still perform acoustically in addition to gigs with the full band, though.

Our formation was kind of an accident, actually. My dad’s been a traveling musician my whole life so music as always been something I’ve seen and wanted to do. I’ve played the guitar since I was 6 but never sang until Rysa started performing at the restaurant my family owned.

Seeing another girl with a guitar, not afraid to sing stuff she’d written inspired me to prove to myself that I could do the same. Rysa had been a singer/songwriter playing solo gigs for about a year when she decided she wanted to find a guitar player to take her writing to the next level. She jammed with a few people but nothing ever stuck. Then one day she and I were having a birthday party for her brother at my house and I just picked up my guitar and started playing music I had been working on.


(Photos above:Last photo on the right: Kelly Green. Othe two: Rysas Davis).

I asked if she could come up with words for it and 20 minutes later, we had a song we still love today (To A Friend, Love A Friend). We jokingly mentioned starting a band but after we jammed again and wrote another song we loved, we knew we’d found something real. That was in November of 2009 and it wasn’t until May of 2010 when we booked our first big gig where a rythym section was necessary.

On a whim, we decided to try out the songs we’d written so far with my brother and his best friend that he’d been playing with for a while and the connection was cosmic. It was obvious they understood our sound and even added to it, so it only made sense that they become permanent members.

Our goal is to create art that makes people think. Ask questions. Imagine. We feel we have a message that needs to be heard and we’re constantly working towards finding the best possible medium for it to reach people. Also, we’re honestly just saddened by what music, today, has become. We feel that substance can’t be found in the shit on the radio, today. There’s no soul in music anymore. We just want to bring passion for art back. Escape Ferocity is about getting away from anything negative and running towards your dream- whatever you want your life to be- and making it real. We hope by taking this to heart with our lives we can be an example to others. Proof that it works.

The vast majority of our songs are a completely collaborative effort between Rysa and I. Most often, I’ll write the music and she’ll provide the lyrics and melody. It really just depends, though. Sometimes she’ll write a song alone, sometimes I will, sometimes she hears music and I have words. After we have a song pretty polished, or at least close to it, we play it for Matt and Kody and they write their parts. Sometimes we’ll have some sort of idea of what we want to hear but most often they just wing it and it’s perfect. It can change the sound of a song completely.

We hate this question, for the record. Haha. We definitely don’t get to rehearse as often as we’d like. Lately, gigs feel like practice and they happen more often. As soon as things like work, school, and rehab stop interfering with our time we’re going to get much better about this.

We’ve played a lot around Atlanta as well as in-town stuff. Our first big gig was at Granite Mountain Harley in Conyers, GA and since then we’ve played Lenny’s, The Shelter, The 5 Spot, Elevations, Cuppy’s, Lake Lanier, The Masquerade, The Northside Tavern, and Nik’s Place which are all in the Atlanta area. Then there were local gigs at Primetime Billiards,The Calhoun Cigar Co., The Dawg Pound, After Hours Billiards, Moto Mountain, Calhoun’s BB&T Park, The Calhoun Auditorium, Motorcycle Bob’s with the best Harley Davidson motors, Fuego Tequila Bar, and The Dalton Depot. We’ve also played at The Mudpie in Chattanooga and we traveled to Petoskey, Michigan in early November to open for my father’s current band, Jace N Lee.

Unfortunately, Calhoun is just where we all ended up. No one in the band in from here. Matt’s actually from Africa. There’s nothing here except our parents and we’re planning on moving to the Atlanta area in February.

Thanks for your interest! I hope the answers given work for you haha.


Escape Ferocity Videos




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