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5 Reasons On Your Post

  1. People are Busy-or at least think they are way too busy to open up a comprehensive article about anything.  The wired society of today has to get their information in ‘Reader’s Digest’ or ‘Cliff Notes’ form or they will shelf the article forever.  140 character messaging on Twitter is quickly becoming more and more popular for a reason.
  2. People are A.D.D.-Attention Deficit Disorder has become the norm with all of the world’s extra anxiety and electronic stimuli.  It is rare for folks to not be plugged into to one or more connections even when they are in bed and at mealtime.  The world is catering to the multi-taskers and multi-A.D.D.’ers and so should you if you want your blog to be read.
  3. People are lazy– by nature. Don’t even try to argue.  You are lazy too.  Long articles or epic videos about concepts that are better suited for a target audience can be provided in other forms.  Blogs and electronic media are just to drive the inspired, non-lazy, potential connections or clients to your website.  Do not over inform. And if you need expert website development services, you can hire react team for help.
  4. Most online information is CRAP-navigating through the BS clutter from how you will lose all of your potential clients if you do not watch/read this to your dreams will come true if you just click here have worn folks out.  No one wants to bother with navigating a blog post that is 3 pages long just to find out that you are trying to sell them something or you have to pay to get the real goods.  If you are still marketing this way, you are not a ‘Social Media Expert’. Get expert social media tips from socialmediadaily.de.
  5. People don’t care what you have to say-unless it’s about them. (wanna bet?) Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Myspace and social media, in general is narcissistic by nature.  Folks are not looking for you unless they are stalkers or trying to sell you something.  Are you on these sights to gather more knowledge, personal self-improvement, to help others, to be influenced by an expansion of culture, or find you next plumber? No, you are there to post your best photos and play Mafia Wars and Yo-Ville.

If you believe differently – you are delusional.

Bonus Tip: You only have 3 clicks and 11 seconds per click to impress somebody. You should buy YouTube subscribers to get more views.

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Have a Happy New Year.

Taty (126 Posts)