Intello Rhythm Eclectic taking the town with their own sound

I manage artists of many genres, and Reggae is not excluded in these, so as one of my bands and I made our way through Ga, then to Tennessee to some land way out in the woods called Camp Reggae to play the show that weekend, we had no idea we would come back with some cool young pals and such a high impression of them at that. I remember as we pulled up, it had been raining, and there was red mud all over. I got out of the car, and we loaded our equipment in and got ready for the usual wait, this time outside in the mud, to be able to play. We made our ways to a huge circus tent one of our pals had up and were touching base with other music friends when this tall guy in a headband came up with his bands T-shirts, stickers, and Cds and started handing them out to us. I thought to myself “Wow, this cat is pretty young and driven!”. I was impressed, and intrigued as to just who this young bands was.

We got to the stage later that night, and I noticed that the young man that came up to us was also running sound, so as my guys played, I spent some time saying hello and talked to him about his band. He was excited about their project, and highly driven, so I decided that although I had another band playing in Atlanta the next day I had to get to, I would stay the weather, check them out, then race back to Ga early the next morning.

I had some hello’s that I had to do as they sound checked, so I went off to talk to some other pals that were playing that weekend. I was running a little behind, and as I was making the hike back down the mountain, I hear this incredible female voice with soul carry through the woods. “Wow, who is that?” I said to my friend. My friend that was walking with me had heard this phenomenon before I guess and answered back “Oh man, that’s Amy Middleton of I.R.E.”. I was excited as I had already met their keyboardist Lee Taylor earlier and he was awesome, so we raced down the trail to get to the stage to check these guys and gal out.

I come upon, this very young band, all having to be just out of their teens, with an on stage energy I haven’t seen since the show performances of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Handsome young men, shirtless, dancing and grooving about and a sexy soul-stress leading the way with a voice so powerful it blew my mind. How in the world had I not heard of this band before? It was awesome! The best part was their fans, all grooving with them, having a blast, and I could tell they had a connection with their fans I hadn’t see in a while. I was entranced. The show was amazing, energetic, eclectic as their name promised. I had to put them on some of my shows.

Since that day, I have stayed in touch with the band as well as my friend Lee, and have had them on several shows. People have loved them. Every single person I have introduced to the band have been wowed. I.R.E. (Intello Rhythm Eclectic, as they are called) is a band currently based out of Atlanta, Ga. With members from Ohio, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.They have been together for about two and a half years and are also currently recording their first album, which is scheduled to be released at the end of December. With Amy Middleton and Troy Richmond on Vocals, Lee Taylor on the Keyboard, Taylor Craig on Drums and Percussion, and Daniel Taylor and Matt McEnery switching off on Bass and Guitar. There is so much raw talent and many different styles being thrown into the equation that they touch it on many different levels.

This band is a must see! I will be out at their next show on December 8th for their show at Masquerade in Atlanta, and I highly suggest you see this show. These young artists are really doing something different with music and Reggae in general. You likely couldn’t just label them Reggae. They honestly have thier own sound and design. A little of this and that pulled from everywhere and molded into a funky groove that will have you dancing and having a blast. You can check out I.R.E. at their website, or their Facebook page. I highly suggest you get out to their show at Masquerade on December 9th though! Look for my interview with the band from their show soon.

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