(Social Etiquette for Today’s Social Networking)

1. Don’t be late.

Value time, especially if it is not yours.  This is true for all scheduling and equally important in social networking no matter how casual.

2. Sloppy is as Sloppy does.

Your wrapping is what is seen first and people do judge ‘books by their covers’.  In modern day socializing there is no dress code however, if you show up in shorts, T-shirt, and flip-flops (or sneakers) make sure that you still have style. Don’t put on a T-shirt just because somebody gave it to you yesterday.  New is not necessarily pressed and proper.

3. Less you more who?

People feel connected to those who share and give.  Takers are boring.  Get to know and find networking group members to engage with before you sell or ask for referrals. Don’t start a relationship with a sales pitch or selling your services.

4. Be engaging in interesting conversation.

There is no better indication of a person’s status, character, intelligence, and upbringing than the quality of engaging conversation.  Communication is 99% listening and 1% talking.  Have a Dialogue, Not a Monologue. Tone of voice is important. Most sentences spoken should end in and inquisitive higher tone.  (I know, I’m guilty of a “bossing” tone)

5. Always smile.

Positive energy is contagious. Misery may love company, though a positive mental attitude (PMA) and strongly positive language will spawn a massive crowd.  This also helps attract connections that will help you achieve more, make you better, and rise above standard and abundant cranky mediocrity.

…and the extra bonus rule for everyone is ALWAYS LISTEN TO GRANDMA!

Taty (126 Posts)