If you have a busy family and work life, the slow cooker may be your best friend.  This is a Southern-Southwest combination that will have you saying YeeHaw!

This hot little recipe is as devilishly easy to remember as 666!

6 one pound chicken breasts

6 cups of you favorite barbecue sauce

6 sliced jalapeños

6 sliced churco peppers

6 sliced banana peppers

6 sliced chili peppers

6 chopped Spanish onions

6 cloves of pressed garlic

Throw them all in the slow cooker and cook on high for at least….guess how many hours?


You can leave the chicken breast whole or shred/pull with a fork and place on a large wheat kaiser roll bottom.  Spread mayo on the top of the bun and add a slice of provolone, tomato, leaf of Romaine lettuce, and a slice or two of bacon. (or six?)

Garnish with a kosher pickle and pray you can handle the heat.  Goes best with an icy cold draft.  Perhaps an Irish Red.

We promise this tastes better than the McRib, and of course it is always Bold and Spicy!

Damon Ladd-Thomas (36 Posts)