Presige Prints and Collectibles have items that are Unique and of High Quality but at prices that your charity can afford.  Always Unique and Creative.  If they don’t have it, they will find it or have it designed for you!  The items can be tailored to fit your event and budget.  For the Connossieur taste…perhaps VIP Trips to the Masters, Golf Ball Drop from a Helicopter, Clay Skeet Shooting Event with “Top Gun” Instructors,  Fishing Event,  Musical Event,  Rowing or Wine Event.
Prestige Prints and Collectibles have performed over 500 Charity Auctions and raised over $600,000 in charity funds. Some of their prestigious clientele include:

  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • NFL Alumni
  • Shriners  International
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
  • The Miracle League

What their clients love best is that the organization does not have to purchase the items up front  and auction items are delivered and setup in a professional, high profile arrangement.

Their Mission Statement Is: First and Foremost…More Profit for the Charity. Less Stress on the Planning Organization and an Exciting, Entertaining and Enjoyable Event.

When is Your Next Charitable Event?

Professional Charity Benefit Auctioneers – Prestige Prints & Collectibles can provide all of your charity benefit auction needs inexpensively, efficiently and expertly.  A family of auctioneers, Prestige Prints & Collectibles is a “Full Service” Charity Benefit Auction Company for both Live and Silent Auctions.

Our professionalism, past experience and products will help create the excitement to provide a tremendous success to any charity event.

PPC has been involved in numerous auctions and generated over $600,000 for the 501-(3(c) organizations.  We have auctioned for companies such as NFL Alumni, Shriners International, Children’s Miracle Network, and East Lake Country Club…just to name a few.

Why would you want to use Prestige Prints & Collectibles?

  • We tailor our event assistance according to your specific event.
  • We do not charge any upfront fee for our event help.
  • We do offer assistance on how to plan your event to “maximize” the overall success (if requested).
  • Unique and High Quality items offered at affordable prices.
  • Experienced, professional auctioneers who will achieve and most probably exceed your expectation for the event return on profit.
  • Let us perform a Live Auction…eliminate the hardship of setting up an extensive “Silent Auction” and double your return on profit.

The passion of Prestige Prints & Collectibles is simple…raising money for charitable causes.  A family of auctioneers who are helping people make a commitment to truly take the time to “give back” and to “give openly” of time and dollars.

For more information call:  678.387.1946

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