(For today’s Social Media Generation)
1. Always Use Good Manners!
Even in today’s fast-paced Social Media lifestyle this is the simple social skill which is the foundation of all Golden Rules. The passive–aggressive nature of Social Media is not a “fairy-dust” passport to blind rudeness.
2. Do not air your dirty laundry outside of your own house.
Negativity, self-loathing, and inappropriate emotional break-downs are NOT O.K. in any public display. Most people are laughing at you… not with you. Talking about what you lack, fear, or negatively about your friends or family is a sad reflection on a very pitiful person.
3. The art of conversation is (mostly) listening.
Read and connect with the messages of others. People love the subject of themselves. (I know I do.)
4. If you say something, it should be nice, or don’t say anything at all.
Give your friends and followers a public endorsement. It is a positive advertisement on your character, as well. Positive energy is attractive and contagious.
5. Remember: hidden and forbidden attracts more than complete nakedness.
Leave some of you, off of your profile. What is left up to the imagination is always better that reality. Even though you may be wonderful and beautiful. folks should seek this information out for themselves. Telling them about you turns them off.
..and the extra bonus rule for everyone is ALWAYS LISTEN TO GRANDMA!

Taty (126 Posts)