If you are looking to make money, communicate effectively, or build a powerful network of successful people, then these are the blogs or websites you should be reading on a consistent basis:

1. Copy Blogger. It is a blog that provides advice for the other bloggers and marketers on how to be more persuasive in work place.

2Self Growth. It is a database of information on self improvement (including persuasion) written by famous experts.

3. Harvard Blog. Harvard Business Review brings its readers original research and firsthand perspectives from leading business thinkers around the world.

4Wev Credible. If you wanted to know how to give a persuasive idea on your website, you should visit Wev Credible.

5. Changing Minds. This blog mentions the inner secrets of persuasion and changing other people.

6PSY Blog. PsyBlog is an academic psychology blog discussing current research and theories on Persuasion.

7The Steve Rubel Streem. This blog discusses the Influence and persuasion from the marketing point of view.

8. Personal Branding.  They say that this blog is #1 resource for personal branding and influencing online.

9Persuasion. The blog discusses persuasion from an experienced eye.

10Brand Yourself. It is an award winning toolset that helps you proactively manage your online reputation and promote yourself effectively across the social web.

11Fresh influence.  This blog is specialized in public relations and influencing of people in marketing for the healthcare and technology industries and public affairs.

12. Forum one (Influence). Influence covers innovations in communication, Internet technology and strategy to generate influence on important public policy issues.

13Terry Dean. Terry Dean gives important information on internet business and advertising persuasion.

14Sources of insight. This blog isn’t not only about persuasion, but it also is about sharing of knowledge between users.

15. Personal Development blog. This blog offers idea for readers on how to develop their personality.

16The NLP Company. A blog represents NLB Company which gives training in NLB skills and techniques as well as persuasive skills.

17IFTF. IFTF deals with the history, techniques and future of Persuasion.

18Persuasion Blog. This blog provides Informative articles on how to master speech, focusing on what speakers say and how they present themselves.

19Earthling communication. This blog provides information on Effective Communication Skills including persuasion and influence.

20. Marketing wisdom. This blog has articles on world leading marketers and how did they persuade their clients.

21Inside influence. This blog has many Articles about Influence and Persuasion Science and Practice.

22Site Brand. If you want to be more persuasive and be able to use e-marketing in your favor, this blog is the right start for you.

23Selling and persuasion techniques. This blog provides you with the Persuasion techniques and selling techniques to boost your income and influence.

24Check Mate.  This blog provides detailed information and advices for persuasive people who want to be more persuasive.

25Success Strategies. This blog provides many important techniques of successful influencing on people.

26World Copywriting blog. David Garfinkel’s cutting-edge copywriting tips, tricks and tested techniques to get you higher response, more sales and increased profits!

27Better Communication Results. It contains courses and podcasts about influence and Persuasion.

28Success Technologies. This blog provides Ideas and Information to improve individual’s Business and Life.

29Dr, Nancy Snow. This blog has series of article about principles of persuasion.

30Wining Content. This blog answers and important question on how someone makes their content more influential.

31Internet Influence Magic. This blog offer advice to bloggers on how to make the reader more influenced by the blog’s idea.

32. Healthy Influence. This blog’s goal is to provide updates and applications of persuasion theory and research.

33The Power of Influence. This blog discusses how the famous companies have their influence on consumers, and how they created this influence.

34. A public speaker blog. It’s the weblog and website of a public speaker, which includes public speaking and persuasion tips.

35. FayZ Space. Discusses the Asian persuasion techniques and applications.

36Paw Persuasion. This blog is concerned with the persuasion techniques with animals and how to communicate effectively with them.

37. Say It Better. A blog which is about acting in different situations.

38. Compelling Persuasion.  Compelling Persuasion helps you to learn to use Persuasive Communication strategies, tactics and techniques.

39Influence People. The blog’s name describes its content; it’s a blog that teaches you the method of positive influence.

40David Stirzaker. David Stirzaker gives some advices and notes in his blog and his book about persuasion and influencing people in marketing and life.

41Subliminal Persuasion. It is a blog written by David Lakhani to market for Subliminal Persuasive technique and his book on it.

42. Psychology blog. This Oxford University blog identifies influence on people and studies it from a psychological point of view.

43. Net Persuasion. It’s about writing persuasive articles and maintaining websites that is useful for persuading clients.

45Terry Oreilly.  This blog teaches you how to master the art of persuasion by studying the human nature and knowing numerous gales and undertows that effect communication.

46Tower of Power. Free articles and training in communication and influencing people.

47Open to Persuasion. It is a social venture that combines argument visualization with collaborative wiki editing to make the best arguments on all sides of every complex aspects of the world.

48Moving Minds. This is a political and psychological blog which provides much useful news.

49The Art of Change.  Communication skills and life skills from bestselling author and coach Dr. Rick Kirschner.

50Coding conduct. It’s about Internet persuasion and designing methods.

If there are other blogs on persuasion that belong on this list, leave a comment below.

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