Throwing a company party can be a lot of fun – if handled properly. It is time to re-write the rule book when it comes to planning a birthday, holiday party, or an employee appreciation event. Be the office hero and spice up your next event by following these 3 tips:

  1. Having The Right Kind of Food: Gone are the days of bland cake and stale potato chips to celebrate one’s special occasion. It is time to kick it up a notch and provide some unique offerings – like tacos (because who doesn’t love tacos) and edible cookie dough.. the list goes on! It’s time to say goodbye to those stale pretzel bites and say hello to hot, fresh, and exciting cuisine.
  2. Make It An Experience: Don’t limit the party to the confines of the break room – get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Food trucks and a mobile cocktail bar Sydney are a great way to get everyone outdoors and provides excellent conversation starters. Throw in fun games like cornhole boards and jenga and your employees will thank you!
  3. Hold It During Office Hours: Not everyone has time to attend an event if held after 5pm, so what better way to show gratitude to your team than to allow them to knock off work early and enjoy an in-office celebration. There is no pressure for people to stay after hours if they don’t feel like it.
Katherine Kimbrell (8 Posts)

Katherine was born in Birmingham, Alabama, but calls Atlanta her home. Owner of a small business, Katherine loves everything health and wellness related. She is also passionate about Atlanta's food scene.