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There are pros and cons for the buyers agent attending a home inspection, and this can even be influenced by the state and region that you’re in.

For example, the rules for ormond beach fl homes for sale differ from the rules in any of the many ormond beach environs.

A good article about this debate can be found online in “Working RE”:

As you will read, this article takes opinions and experiences from experienced agents/brokers and other companies that cater to services like Residential Roofing in Indianapolis and RainTech Roofing, Sheet Metal & Gutters – gutter repair near me.

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Some of the reasons the article found for the buyer’s agent attending the inspection included:

  • the buyer’s agent being there can act as an intermediary to request clarifications from the inspector and to explain things to the buyer.
  • it can be a helpful learning experience for the buyer’s agent, which will help them professionally for their next client.

And some of the reasons the article found for NOT attending were:

  • being present can influence their client’s opinions towards or against something.
  • it can open an argument about what the inspection is discovering.
  • attending can extend the time of the inspection by several hours.

And the article also points out that some real estate agents chose a middle ground of being available during some part of the inspection process, but not there for its entirety, of course you can also do some renovations to a home, like Moveable Wall Repair so you can put your wall anywhere you want.

As you will read, towards the bottom of the article it gives a good summary of the pros and cons of whether the buyer’s agent should attend the inspection.  And in the comments section there are further arguments provided on both sides by various real estate agents.

I offer and pay for pre-inspection so that the inspection ordered by buyers will not surprise my sellers and will solve the dilemma: to attend or not…


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