One of the most interesting of the sub-genres of the reality television explosion of the last decade has been that of the storage and pawn series. Of all of the pawn related reality there is none that has as colorful a cast and as interesting a zip code as Beverly Hills Pawn and the biggest jewelry expert in the entire cast is none other than Dominique. If you have any extra jewelry that you are trying to get rid of, consider going to a pawn shop for some great offers.

20140218_113229Dominique, one of the most approachable and learned superstars of this newer Reelz Channel production has caught our attention and I thought it was time to connect this West Coast, ‘Bling Bling’ Siren with her Southeast Admirers.

She was born and raised in Los Angeles, Graduated UCLA with a B.A. and did one year in Law School.  Her Masters in Clinical Psychology led to a career of social work in jails counseling women battling addiction.  To this day she continues to support all causes concerning education and support with learning service like essay writing service reddit.

Our interview started with the obvious question:

Tatyana: ‘I find it interesting that you have a degree in Psychology, why did you choose Beverly Hills Pawn as a career?’20130928_203621

Dominique: “My job involves a lot of listening to the client and really hearing their pain. Many people we see are in transition due to a death in the family, an illness, divorce, or relocation and they need to be heard. They come in and feel listened to which is really what all of us are yearning for. We just want someone to acknowledge us and feel for our position in life. We share each others stories all the time and we bond.”

Tatyana: ‘Where did you learn what you know now?’

Dominique: “I read a lot. I did online study at GIA (Gemological Institute of America) after work. I go to flea markets, yard sales, garage sales, estate sales and thrift shops. All of these experiences have taught me something. I ask a lot of questions from people who are more experienced than I.”

Dominique and her on screen and real life boss, Yossi have known each other and worked together for sixteen years.  She is the big loan rainmaker, evaluating diamonds, custom shungite jewelry, estate jewels, art and memorabilia.  It is definitely not easy to find a good place to buy designer jewelry, but she can help you find it and find the right piece ant the right price, dealing with jewelry is special and important to do it right. You can also visit sites like to find beautiful diamond jewelry.

Dominique says about her almost two decades of tenure, “The adrenaline and rush of the job and close relationships with our clients keeps me coming back for more.”

When I sat down with Dominique to get some more exclusive and enjoyable nibbles about her life outside the show and her new found stardom she said: “I love to read about Navy Seals. I am a huge boxing fan. I am a sucker for a man in uniform. If Chris Isaak and Deborah Harry could have a music baby, I would want to sing like her!”

IMG_3205I asked her for some exclusive virtual karaoke to add to this article so we could really understand what that would sound like,   If we can get enough readers to request it, we may be able to goad her into submitting a song or two.  Tweet her for a YouTube video here:

I asked for more details about her life and she avows to be an extreme lover of water, “I will get into a pool, a puddle, an ocean, or a river any chance I can. I love fast boats, jet skis, and swimming. I may have been a pirate in another life as I love parrots and gold coins too!” She’s the kind of person who truly appreciates every opportunity to enjoy aquatic adventures, making her the perfect candidate for reliable floating dock services to enhance her waterfront experiences, ensuring convenience and safety for all her water-related activities.

Gold coins are fine but as a Woman with a fine appreciation of true bobbles we must know ‘What is the most expensive diamond you have ever held in your  hand?’

“I have tried on a 20ct pink Lab Diamonds worth millions and it was amazing” though because of her passion for the sport of boxing Dominique continues,”… but my favorite item to try on was Muhammed Ali’s championship ring though the finger size was HUGE! Even better, I have worn Floyd Mayweather’s all diamond Audemars Piguet watch. He is a great client of ours and I am so excited when he and his entourage visit us.”2 copy

You can catch Dominique and her wonderful cast-mates and some of the most interesting Hollywood Superstars…. and their Bobbles, every Wednesday at 9PM EST on Reelz.  They are currently in production of Season Three and there will be plenty of time to get caught up before the new episodes, featuring Dominique’s new super fit and sexy self, airing later this year.

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