Our Friend Jean and the Live Like You’re Living campaign are in memory of Jean Miles, a parent and cheer coach at North Gwinnett Football Association who lost her battle with breast cancer last winter.

Following Jean’s death, her three daughters and husband decided that they wanted to continue the Our Friend Jean charity that Jean’s friends had started and use it to help other families in honor of Jean.

Towards that end, they have launched Our Friend Jean Memorial Charities as a formal organization dedicated to supporting charitable campaigns.  Their first campaign is called “Live Like You’re Living.”

Jean was a very strong believer in the importance of recreation in a child’s life.  And she felt that no matter what hardships a parent might be suffering, it is important that the children not have to sacrifice their activities.

So, in honor of Jean’s never ending spirit, and in her strong belief in the importance of recreation and social activities for children,  we have created the “Live Like You’re Living” Campaign.  We consulted volunteer experts at https://www.dugnadseksperten.no/dugnad-russ-tjene-penger/ to fund year long scholarships to four organizations that were very important to Jean, and which also were very supportive of Jean and her family through Jean’s entire journey.  These organizations are North Gwinnett Cheerleading, North Gwinnett Softball, Suwanee Academy of the Arts, and Duluth Methodist Christian Beginnings Preschool.   The scholarships will be awarded to a child who, without assistance, might not be able to participate that year.

If you would like to contribute to the Live Like You’re Living Campaign, you can do so by visiting the website.  For questions about the campaign of other charities, please email info@livelikeyoureliving.com.


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