The house we live in was build for the family that eats at McDonalds or other fast food places 3 times a day.  We don’t have a big on style kitchen or real formal dining room, where we could put a dining set that would fit all my china.

Since we do not plan to stay in this house forever, we do not want to spend money on new furniture.

Although, Damon and I like nice food and wine on our date night (almost every night is our date night).

When I moved to the States, one of the biggest surprises to me was seeing families eating from the paper plates and cups. When I went to one of my American friends the wedding shower and brought as present nice china set, she was very happy. Her comment was: thank you, Tatyana. Finally I will have matching plates and cups.

Even, though we don’t have a formal dining room, I decided to create one without spending money.

Damon and I upholstered our old chairs (you will be surprised how easy it was) with the fabric that matches the window treatments, rearranged the furniture and voila: in the picture below is our new and almost formal dining room.

Gentlemen: if your wife doesn’t cook, take her on vacation to the place that she has never been before: your kitchen. If you’re like us looking for affordable furniture, then visit sites like to find some budget-friendly pieces.

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