More than one-third of the way through this pilgrimage to a healthier lifestyle and my motivation is at an all time low. Twenty weeks is a long time to fight my chocolate and carbohydrate addiction (like bread and beer).  I have found a pile of excuses to blend with masterful procrastination perfection in complete psychological avoidance.  Somehow, over the last 10 weeks workouts went from first thing in the morning to postponing it till mid-morning.  Then the progression continued as I delayed my sweat sessions to the mid-afternoon, then to before dinner, to after dinner, to before bed, to I’ll get to it tomorrow, right on through I’ll get back on track Monday….Next Monday….oops that was two weeks ago, ARGH!   Susan Powter, where are you? Help me  “STOP the INSANITY”!

In navigating why weight-loss and healthier lifestyle is so difficult for most people, being lazy or not motivated seems too simple a description of why failure at the fitness lifestyle is so common.  These are the steps in order of how the complex psychology of the human, emotional mess develops a plan for change.

1. It starts with an idea to be more fit and healthy.

2. Then we decide to make it a priority in our lives.

3. Connect the priority with a commitment and…

4. Finally create an accountability system to hold our feet to the fire.

Where most of us fail is where priority meets commitment.  The second most popular failure point is continued accountability. Accountability is where the experts become critical.  Accountability to the consistent workouts and to keep the priority connected to the commitment.  It is said in many facets in life that “We are our own worst enemy”.

Expert Q&A for Next Week

So experts, what is the most common excuse you hear from folks keeping them from their fitness goals? What is your solution to remove that obstacle when you hear it?

As for me I will be looking for inspiration from some of the local heroes to be featured this Thursday at Sandi Porter’s big event at 550 Trackside this Thursday.  (details below)  If you have a fitness success story that can inspire the struggling masses of which I am the poster child, send it with photos to .


Gwinnett’s Losing It! Finale and Health Fair
Come and celebrate our success! Our participants will meet up for the last time and our winner will be
chosen. After 12 weeks, our participants have worked hard to change their body and their lives.

Thursday, March 31, 2011
6:00-7:00 pm Health Fair and Networking
Visit our local vendor and sponsor tables.
7:00-8:00 pm Event Finale

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