Back during the civil rights movement the city of Atlanta earned a reputation as the “city too busy to hate”. Over time things change and not always for the better. The recent snow storm that impacted the southeast and Atlanta is a classic of example of how the “city too busy to hate” has become the “city never too busy not to bitch”.

We whined about the Georgia Department of Transportation’s inability to plow and clear our interstate system and major highways within hours of the storm.

We whined because our counties and municipalities were unable to have our side streets plowed and dried within hours of the storm moving north.

We whined about having to spend 4 or 5 days with our children. One is led to ask why you had children in the first place if you are incapable of being with them more than a few hours per day.

We whined about cabin fever. We are so uncomfortable with ourselves we are incapable of spending a few days without the simulation of shopping or some other mindless self-centered activity.

But the weather warmed and the snow melted after a few days but our whining just changed targets and went on.

We whined about the gravel and sand that was put on our streets and sidewalks during the snowstorm. But the snow is gone and why haven’t they cleaned up the sand and gravel. After all this could nick my car and then I would have too sue you. The last thing I want is to deal with a nicked paint job. In fact, I was thinking of taking my car to the best mitsubishi dealership near me for a touch-up, but with all this debris on the road, I’m hesitant to risk it.

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We also whined about garbage collections. We produce 52 weeks of garbage and you removed all of it but you didn’t do it fast enough. You did it in 51 weeks, so look at garbage truck sales, buy a few of them and hire more personnel for them. Also, I am due a rebate of one week in spite of the fact that you removed it all my garbage. When it comes to junk removal in Orlando, Dumpster Medic does it best.

We whined because the USPS couldn’t deliver the mail and our credit card payment was late and we got charged with a late fee.

So against this backdrop of whining, I think about the singing group the Eagles. In one of their numerous comeback tours they produced an album “When Hell Freezes Over”. And one of the songs on that album is entitled “Get Over It”. So perhaps the city of Atlanta not only has a new slogan but also a new anthem. Come on Atlanta – Get Over It.

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