Ho ho ho: Santa has come and gone. The kids loved him by the way. We called for a real beard Santa for hire and he did great! The kids had a great time. Alas, now the gift wrap has been picked up off of the floor. The fine food that you ate on Christmas Day is now leftovers, which can be even more pleasurable to eat than they were the first time out. The credit cards are maxed out. The bank accounts have been drained. There is no gas in the car; you are stuck at home, until you figure out a way to borrow more money. You can’t wait for New Year’s Eve, even though you know that you are going to be supremely hungover on New Year’s Day; but there is football to save you, and if it doesn’t you can always panhandle: http://www.wikihow.com/Panhandle


Happy Kwanzaa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kwanzaa


The Daily K Poem of The Day

Whisper when you want to scream

I’m not sure, but words may linger
where they are spoken, and if they are screamed
they also linger, but not as quietly.
Words that are screamed hold their anger,
and fifteen minutes later, a day later,
a week, a month, all the years until the screamer dies
those words hang there, angrily in the air where they
were shouted out, drowning out words of love,
and regular words that are lingering, too.


Mikel K


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