I rarely waste my time commenting on internet forums, though this one caught my attention.

The video I enjoyed. I have added the video below and copied the original comments and will keep this post updated as needed. The one and only comment bunched up my panties.   Gorgeous, intelligent, and accomplished women should be revered by all, regardless of politics.  I respect Geraldine Ferraro, Hilary Clinton,  Arianna Huffington and many more liberal women in politics and business.  What I cannot understand is how being elected Governor and successfully running a state becomes a less important line item on a resume than who a woman is (or was once) married to?

Liberal Media and mainstream democratic thought would have you believe these three resume comparisons.

1. Being A Successful Governor is less of an accomplishment than being an Inner-City Community Organizer.

2. Being a School Teacher is less of an accomplishment than being an Attorney.

3. Being a Fortune 500 CEO is less of an accomplishment than being a Career Politician.

Sarah Palin, Sharon Angle, and Carly Fiorina (as well as countless others)  I am proud of your accomplishments and my daughters will think of you as role models.  I cannot remain quiet while less accomplished opponents and self-depricating, hypocritical, ‘women’s rights defenders’ (TONGUE IN CHEEK), continue to debase conservative women.

Women and groups that claim to empower women…. shame on you for discriminating against conservative women!

I will teach my daughters to stand on their own accomplishments and not define their success by who they marry.   (Isn’t that the original mission of groups like N.O.W.?)


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Here are the comments copied from the original video at newsy.com…

The Comment from ‘the faceless truth’:

On one side, it’s good to see that women are getting more recognition in politics.

On the other side, republican women really need to get some better representation if they ever want to be taken seriously. The current stock is merely akin to a circus sideshow. Thankfully, they’ll never see the light of office and they don’t reflect on the women already serving in political careers.

Mark my words, the current lineup is capitalizing on their fifteen minutes of fame that is based almost entirely on their political antics, but it’s no more than a momentary curiosity. You want to be respected? Try having a personal, intelligent thought and some real substance.

My Response:

I am not certain which of Democratic Women are undeniably from a higher ‘stock’ standard than their current counterparts on the conservative side?
Like Pelosi? She is the Circus Ring Leader and Main Freak-Show attraction. Or maybe you were thinking Boxer a career politician verses Fiorina a brilliant business maverick.
I am not sure Maxine Waters would be a woman I would want my daughters to aspire to….
Conservative Women seem to be doing just fine in spite of the lack of support from groups like N.O.W that paved the way for these very women to be involved in politics at this level.
I believe that conservative women, many of which have already landed on the scene, are here to stay, and I would love to bet it will be for more than 15 minutes….

My apologies to Pelosi, Waters, and Boxer.  Your accomplishments are noteworthy regardless of your politics.


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