Have you ever wondered about it?
They are simply percentages by weight of the three most essential elements, always listed in t his order”
Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K).
So, 10-10-10, for instance, means that each element makes up 10% of the mix or 30% together.
The other 70% is filler that helps in distribution. Various mixes are available.

Nitrogen helps your lawn grow lush and green, and generates a leafy foliage in garden plants. A high Nitrogen count in spring helps get plants popping.
Phosphorus helps promote healthy root systems, flower blooms and fruit production. If you want the best fertilizer for yellow grass, pick a blend with the middle number higher than the first.
Potassium helps build strong cells which keep the plant healthy in the stress of heat, cold, pests or disease.  A high third number in the fall will help keep plants in good shape over winter and into spring, I found some great Conservatories Near Me for my green house.

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